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Trendy Dark Granite Countertops to Look for in 2019

Black graniteIf you’re building a new home or remodeling your kitchen, countertops are an important design aspect to consider. Besides serving an important aesthetic and functional purpose, kitchen countertops can add more value to your home if you choose the right material. Granite is widely considered the top material for kitchen countertops in modern homes. More homeowners want to make this exquisite looking natural stone part of their kitchen décor, and interior designers are incorporating vivid and dark-hued granite to create beautifully designed kitchens. Dark granite is a top design trend of 2019, and is being used to style modern, contemporary kitchens. If you’re contemplating remodeling your kitchen or designing a new one, the granite countertops contractors in Johns Creek, GA, at Legacy Granite Countertops, explains the latest trends in dark granite.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Material for Bathroom Countertops

Granite BathroomCountertops add more value to your bathrooms in terms of style and functionality. Bathroom counters often bear the brunt of various stains. Daily exposure to moisture and humid air results in growth of mold and bacteria on countertop surfaces. Choosing the right material for bathroom counters prevents these issues, and makes them last longer. A specialty countertop company can help you source the best countertop materials in Sandy Springs.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Granite Countertops

https://legacycountertops.com/roswell/Shopping for new granite countertops can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure about your options. Avoid the top 4 most common mistakes by checking out this guide from Legacy Granite Countertops. 

Ways to Keep Your White Quartz Countertops Shining Forever

White Quartz with FlowersQuartz is gaining popularity among homeowners as a high-quality and durable countertop material. Quartz is an engineered material made of 95-97% natural stone mixed together with binders, resins, and polymers. The manufacturing process of quartz makes it a durable material, which is highly resistant to moisture and kitchen spills. Quartz is available in several shades and designs, and looks similar to natural stone materials such as marble and granite. White quartz is a trending material for kitchen countertops that pairs well with contemporary looking kitchen décor. 

Matte vs Glossy Bathroom Countertops: What to Choose?

Glossy SinkWhen choosing the perfect countertop material for your bathroom, you’ll need to think over your practical needs and your décor requirements. Countertop materials come in various hues and designs such as solid-colored, patterned, muted tones, or vibrant hues. They can be smooth, shiny, and pleasing to the eye. An expert contractor will be able to guide you through the wide variety of countertop materials, helping you pick the best material, color, and surface finish to make your bathroom look like a dream! 

Finding the Right Thickness for Your Countertop

Thin White CountertopAs you narrow down your choice for that classic granite countertop, it’s time to consider the thickness of your new surfaces. There are several factors to consider when choosing the thickness of your new countertops. Keep reading to learn more.

Popular Bathroom Countertop Materials to Try in 2019

Material choicesKitchen countertops are often discussed more when it comes to countertop material selection. However, choosing the right material for bathroom countertops is equally important. Unlike kitchen counters, bathroom countertops aren’t subjected to the same amount of wear and tear. When choosing bathroom countertop materials, you need to keep in mind your budget, overall bathroom decor, durability, and ease of maintenance. Bathroom countertops encounter moisture, makeup or toothpaste spills, and more on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s important to choose a bathroom countertop material that is resistant to moisture and spills. 

Polished vs Honed Marble: Know the Difference

Marble CountertopSo, you’ve gone through the process of selecting which type of countertop material you’d like, and you’ve settled on marble. But now, you have another decision to make: Do you want to use polished or honed marble? If you’re not sure which of these options will work best for your bathroom remodel in Marietta, GA, then keep reading. This article will give you an overview of the differences and similarities between these two types of marble countertops.

Quartz Countertops: The Luxurious Trend for 2019

Quartz KitchenIt seems like forever that granite has been the material of choice for countertops. Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, the classic look and feel of granite has been the fallback option for designers and homeowners for years. Well, times seem to be changing. While still a fine and popular stone, granite has been losing out recently to quartz. If you’ve noticed the increasing popularity of quartz countertops in Duluth, GA, here are a few reasons you might consider it for a kitchen or bathroom upgrade in 2019.