Glamorizing Your Kitchen with Engineered Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have gained a considerable following over the last decade as natural countertop materials have become more affordable. The modern and minimalist interior design trends have also picked up on these beautiful pieces, using them to create seamless looks in bathrooms and kitchens alike. If you’re thinking about updating your home with stone surfaces, here’s everything you need to know about quartz kitchen countertops in Marietta, GA

Engineered Elegance

As the name implies, engineered quartz is man-made. Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral comprised of silicon and oxygen. To make a quartz countertop, stones are crushed or tumbled to a specific size, then mixed with adhesive, trace minerals, and coloring agents to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Since it’s man-made, quartz countertops can be molded to fit your kitchen or bathroom space. Granite and marble must be cut to shape, and sometimes multiple pieces are required. Sometimes, the seams between these stone pieces are hard to match, but engineered countertops can be molded into a single piece without seams to create a continuous flow. Quartz countertops can also be customized to include integrated sinks, drain slopes, and rounded edges, features that are hard to achieve with natural stone. 

Custom Countertops

While it’s hard to compare to beauty of natural stone, engineered quartz has more options when it comes to color customizations. Matching natural granite and marble to your floors or cabinets can be challenging, but with quartz, you can customize your surfaces to match perfectly. Countertop engineers use various pigments and trace minerals to create custom shades, depth, and sparkle. The size of the quartz pieces used to create each surface can also change the way the countertop looks. For example, in Quartet countertops, smaller aggregate stones give a uniform appearance while other surfaces like Sparkling White use large pieces to or quartz to create a variety. For a modern look, you can use the smaller stones in Everest or Artic to create a clean look. To make a bold statement, try using a surface like Aria or Calacatta Laza. Either way, your new countertops are sure to impress friends and family at your next get-together.  

Versatile Design

In addition to kitchen and bathroom countertops, there are several ways you can incorporate quartz into your home. Backsplashes are a must in the kitchen, especially around the sink and stove. Extend the same quartz from the countertop to the wall or use a quartz tile to create visual appeal and add more color to the room. Engineered quartz is also perfect for bar tops and outdoor kitchens as well. The resin used in its creation ensures that cleanup is effortless. Quartz is also resistant to every-day wear and tear which is perfect for outdoor usage as well as busy families. You can also use quartz around the fireplace or on the floor in tile form. Small aggregate quartz looks exceptionally beautiful on floors because the seams between the tiles are virtually invisible. There is no end to what you can create with this versatile stone.

Whether it’s a new kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity, you’ll find a wide selection of quartz surfaces at your local countertop supplier in Marietta, GA. Visit your local Legacy Granite Countertops showroom and check out their selection of natural and engineered stone today.