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Seam Information

Seam is the term used to describe places where two individual stone are joined.

A seam is required when:

  1. The size of the countertop area is greater than the size of the slab
  2. Accessibility of entryway and project area
  3. The number and dimensions of the cut out can weaken the stone and make it more prone to break 
  4. Angled stones can also make the stone more prone to break depending on the dimensions, “L” shape countertops are an example of angled stones that might require a seam.

Technology has not only improved the seam design process, where you can have a digital layout of how the stones will match each other, but also the tools and equipment that will cut and join these stones together have improved as well. Besides all of these new techniques for seam, you will still be able to see , and feel it.  Here are some pictures of seams that our team has installed:

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