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Ways to Clean Granite Countertops

Luxury kitchen with tile floor and stained cabinetsGranite countertops are amazing for kitchens. Many people love granite countertops because of their appearance, and they certainly are gorgeous. The natural stone gives them a unique beauty that’s basically impossible to duplicate. However, over the long term, most homeowners will come to appreciate their ruggedness and ease of upkeep more than anything else. Part of that upkeep will be cleaning your granite countertops, which is easier to do than you may have thought.

Reasons Why You Should Use Heat Resistant Countertops

Kitchen interior with wooden cabinets and granite counter topEvery homeowner loves and appreciates clean, beautiful, and well-kept countertops. Unfortunately, they don’t always stay that way. While wooden slabs can make for lovely looking countertops, they’re unlikely to retain their like-new appearance for very long. Stains, discoloration, and burn marks are all too common with wood, and they’re very difficult to prevent.

What Makes Quartz Best Material for Countertops

Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury HomeUsing quartz as a countertop material is a relatively new practice, but more and more people are choosing this rock-hard surface for its many good qualities. Quartz countertops are also referred to as engineered stone countertops and here are some of the reasons you should consider this material for your remodel or new build.

How to Maintain Your Kitchen Countertops

Modern gray kitchen features dark gray flat front cabinetsThe countertops are arguably the most important feature of the kitchen. But, without regular maintenance, they will be stained, scratched, and need to be replaced in only a few years. This guide will help you clean and maintain the kitchen countertops so they look brand new for months after installation.

Freshen Up Your Kitchen with Granite Countertops

KtchenIf you’re bored with your kitchen’s stale or outdated look, then don’t live with it—renovate it! Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of simple fixes for dull or uninspiring kitchens, including swapping out dull laminate counters for beautiful granite countertops, which have an elegant but comforting appearance. If you’re looking for the best granite and countertops in Duluth, shop for granite that looks appropriate for your kitchen’s style, color scheme, and size. 

Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertops

White laminated table on defocused rustic kitchen bench interior backgroundSometimes, the only way to get the kitchen you want is with a full remodel. And, while it might be nice to have a kitchen remodeling contractor in Roswell come in and put in brand-new countertops as part of that remodel, the costs can add up. But whole new counters aren’t always necessary. Here are a few ways to upgrade your existing countertops.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Ranch Style Homes

Large living room on the horse ranch with the kitchen.Ranch style homes are American classics. Instantly recognizable as simple and elegant, with a lasting beauty and homey feel that make them as desired now as when they were built. They weren’t, however, built with modern tastes in mind, so many homeowners have sought ways to update their beloved homes. Here are some ideas for updating your ranch style home.

Why Marble Countertops Are Best for Your Bathroom

Sink in marble standThere are many different options for bathroom countertops available, and you may wonder if marble is the right choice. Before you start shopping for marble countertops in Alpharetta, you may want some reassurance for this material. Here you’ll find out that marble countertops are luxury countertops, and they’re worth their price for 3 reasons: they’re beautiful, easy to clean, and they hold their value.  

Top Trends in Kitchen Countertops for 2018

Beautiful Kitchen in New Luxury HomeCountertops set the tone of your kitchen, and if they are well made, can make your life easier by being durable and easy to clean. Though countertops are important, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed when making decisions about the material, finish, or design. Here are the hottest trends to help you choose your new countertops.