Top 4 Most Popular Granite Countertop Colors

Granite countertops are some of the most popular surfaces for home kitchens and bathrooms. A beautiful stone straight from the earth – it’s a hardy and long-lasting material. It’s available in so many styles and colors! Which one are you supposed to choose if you need kitchen or bathroom countertops in Alpharetta, GA?

If you’re interested in kitchen remodeling or bathroom updates, always select high-quality granite surfaces. And if you’re stuck choosing between the many naturally occurring granite colors, consider this list of the top 4 most popular styles.


After the rise of Italian white marble to the forefront of high-end home popularity, white granite followed suit. Crisp, modern, and elegant, with secondary colors like black, gray, and even blue, popular varieties of white granite-like Alaska White are in high demand. They have a light pattern that’s more subtle than in other varieties of granite. Its simple elegance is great for minimal kitchens and bathrooms, where the ultimate design feature is a sense of airiness and neatness. White countertops may show their flaws more easily, but if you maintain them well, white surfaces will always look elegant and refined.

Light Gray

White Ice granite is one of the most popular light gray surfaces today. While predominantly white, the gray freckles and veins that run throughout give it a gray appearance when viewed from afar. Gray is the most popular neutral color in most modern homes. After all, it’s surpassed white as the most common paint color in new houses, and gray hardwood and tile floors are popular color choices. This means that the crisp, light gray of granite varieties like White Ice will keep a neat, cohesive color scheme in the room, while also adding a light contrast to darker accents. Light gray can accompany metal hardware and fixtures very nicely, too – an essential when designing kitchens and bathrooms.


Give your kitchen and bathrooms a natural aesthetic with tan countertops. Tan has long been one of the most popular color options, likely because it matches so well with natural wood finishes, warm metal fixtures, and other charming kitchen features. Tan granite-like Santa Cecilia Light contains many subtle, secondary tones like burgundy, white, black, and even touches of bright white. Tan granite matches with just about anything, so you can continue to remodel your kitchen and bathrooms in the future without having to replace your countertops. That’s a versatile kitchen and bathroom design.


Black Galaxy is one of the most popular varieties of granite, likely because, in the world of dark countertops, Black Galaxy is one of the darkest. Black countertops are sophisticated, masculine, and elegant, all at once. They’re the perfect accent in a light kitchen. As home interior style moves away from cold minimalism, black granite contrast can add some visual detail back into a uniform room. Black granite often contains notes of white or light gray for contrast, so it matches with just about any kitchen or bathroom.

Next time you’re considering a home construction project, shop for new granite countertops. Legacy Granite Countertops is your resource for fine custom countertops at great prices. Visit us to learn more about our many surface options and get expert interior design ideas in Alpharetta, GA.