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Kitchen Countertops

Often, the hardest part of a kitchen renovation is finding the right company and getting started. Once you’ve found it, everything else becomes a lot easier.

That’s why we’re glad you’ve found us. We have been serving Alpharetta and surrounding cities for years and we can guarantee that we will make your experience quick, enjoyable, affordable, and ultimately very rewarding. We do this by providing the best products, the highest level of customer service, and the overall best value in the industry.

Kitchen Countertops
Kitchen Countertop

Our Products

We believe in our products at Legacy Coutnertops. We offer a variety of products so you can choose what works for your lifestyle and your budget. Popular options include granite kitchen countertops, marble, and quartz, all of which are extremely durable and classically stylish. They can add sophistication and functionality to any kitchen or bathroom. We can offer very reasonable prices for these top-notch materials.

In addition to countertops, we can provide sinks in stainless steel, porcelain, or granite, and backsplashes in a number of different tile options. We’ll help you choose the most advantageous products for your kitchen and bath, personalizing every decision you make.

Our Process

While many companies can offer you similar products, none of them will match the affordability combined with the technology that we utilize to customize the products to you. We use high-precision laser technology to cut all of our countertop slabs to the exact specifications of your kitchen island or bathroom sink. A perfect fit is extremely important to maintain the slab’s durability, safety, and ease of use. We can not only cut a variety of shapes to make your kitchen island interesting, but we can also provide multifarious edging options to give your counters a unique and custom look.

Kitchen Countertop
Kitchen Countertop

Our Personal Service

Our value goes truly through the roof when you combine all of our professional services and products with our extraordinary customer service philosophy. We believe in treating all of our Georgia neighbors like personal friends and family members who we want to be not just satisfied, but thrilled with their renovations. We want to work with you again and again. Our owner takes so much pride in the company, our work, and our relationship with clients that he will often work right alongside the team in your home, ensuring everything is perfect.

Our Promise

Get started with a decision you will not regret and contact us today for your consultation and estimate. Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is a big decision, and one that we take just as seriously as you do!