Why Granite Countertops Are Safe for Your Kids

If you have kids in your home, protecting your granite countertops and your kids is important. So, make sure that you have hardy countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms. Fortunately, granite composite countertops from Duluth are child-safe. Learn why granite countertops are safe for homes with children.

They Resist Structural Damage

Granite is an ultra-hard stone formed when rocks are exposed to intense heat and pressure for a long period of time. In other words, once granite has formed, it has already been through the worst. If it can handle earth’s extremes, it can certainly handle your children. Unlike laminate, stone substitute, or butcher block countertops, granite excels at resisting structural damage. Blunt force, pressure, and objects falling on the surface are less likely to cause damage than on other surface materials. Granite won’t chip, crack, or break unless it’s intentionally hit or cracked. While you shouldn’t put your countertops to the test, granite countertops contractors recommend granite for family homes because your kids are less likely to break them.

They’re Hygienic

Granite is a naturally porous material, which means that it has tiny absorbent holes in it, but granite surfaces are sealed for safety. A chemical sealant is applied to granite countertops to fill these gaps and produce a non-porous surface that’s hygienic and safe. The sealant also happens to enhance the color and pattern in the granite as well.

Children are more prone to certain illnesses than adults are, so make sure your countertops aren’t going to trap pathogens. Invest in granite and re-seal it regularly so that it stays completely non-porous. Regular maintenance helps keep granite countertops safe for kids of all ages.

They’re Easy to Clean

The non-porous sealant on your granite creates a flat, smooth surface on what would otherwise be rough stone. The resulting surface will be incredibly easy to clean. Because pathogens like raw meat drippings and water from handwashing will stay on the surface, all it takes is a swipe with gentle soap and water, a quick rinse, and a dry cloth to completely sanitize them.

But there’s another reason easy-to-clean granite is perfect for your home: Kids are messy! Just imagine the fun that they’d have with a squeeze ketchup bottle or your coffee grounds. When children make a mess, it just takes a few steps to make your granite surfaces sparkly clean again. Other cheaper surfaces are harder to clean and sanitize. And materials like laminate stain very easily. But if you clean up spills right away, granite is far less likely to develop stains.

They’re Outdoor Friendly

Are you thinking of adding a kid-friendly living space to your home? Outdoor kitchens and patios are perfect for bonding with the family. Outdoor kitchen granite countertops are hardy enough to handle the elements so they can certainly handle children. When you choose genuine composite granite for indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen, bathrooms, and other features like wet bar countertops, you’ll also have a cohesive design.

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