Dry vs. Wet Bar: What’s Best for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

If you’re designing an outdoor kitchen, then you’re in the midst of an exciting process. Customize your outdoor kitchen and dining area with all the fixtures and features you might need. Entertain friends and family, enjoy a relaxing weekend afternoon on your own with your favorite book, and find many other reasons to luxuriate in your outdoor kitchen. Just make sure you outfit it with outdoor-durable and great-looking features like granite composite countertops from Duluth.

Many outdoor kitchens host either a dry or wet bar. Read on to learn about these popular outdoor entertaining features and discover which option may be best for your outdoor kitchen.

About Dry Bars

Dry bars are versatile features for entertaining guests that also happen to be highly decorative. They consist of a piece of large furniture like a bar cart or sideboard chest. While not every dry bar is designed specifically for the purpose of serving beverages, many pieces of furniture can nonetheless be outfitted to serve as a dry bar. A dry bar should include storage, a wide surface to hold glasses and bottles, accessories like a built-in bottle rack, and an ice tray or bucket. Dry bars can be mobile or stationary, but mobile carts with wheels are the preferred dry bar in modern homes. Stage it, move it, and store it however you’d like. For the most part, dry bars tend to be more decorative than functional, especially because they lack plumbing. However, they can easily move in and out of your home to serve as an outdoor kitchen feature or an indoor one.

About Wet Bars

Conversely, wet bars are built-in features with plumbing to provide hot and cold water – hence the term “wet bar.” Wet bars are common features in indoor or outdoor kitchens and can even be installed in classic formal dens or parlor rooms. In modern homes, wet bars are common features for media rooms – wherever the biggest TV is set up – and especially outdoor kitchens. Wet bars have all of the features of a dry bar along with features that require plumbing, including a sink, miniature refrigerator, and ice machine. Wet bar countertops tend to be made of a higher-end material like fine granite or quartz.

Outdoor Entertaining

When it comes to entertaining your guests outdoors or just enjoying an outdoor kitchen on your own time, wet bars offer superior durability and the versatile features that you need most. A built-in wet bar can contain extra amenities like a wine fridge that keep you from having to go in and out between your indoor and outdoor kitchen. A wet bar’s sink and drain are also helpful for pouring out drinks and other cleanup tasks.

Wet bars are also better options for families because they can accommodate non-alcoholic drinks like punch and sodas. Keep things cool and refreshing, and even prep snacks to enjoy in your outdoor kitchen.

Designing Your Bar

Whether you prefer an outdoor-friendly dry bar or a permanent wet bar, make sure your home bar is outfitted to handle the rigors of serving food and drinks. Features like outdoor kitchen granite countertops give your home bar reliable durability against the elements. Granite countertops contractors can provide you with a surface material that looks great and is custom-fitted to your kitchen and bar. Call Legacy Granite Countertops for outdoor wet bar countertops in Duluth, GA. We offer a superior selection of surface products at amazing prices.