Tips for Choosing Custom Countertops for Small Kitchens

If you’re building a new home kitchen, you may focus a great deal of your attention on new construction cabinets. However, your countertops are just as important to the style and practical features of your kitchen, especially if you’re building a relatively small kitchen. If you’re planning a custom countertop project in Marietta, GA, read on to learn about the best fit and most appropriate countertops to match your small kitchen.

Consider Color and Texture

Most kitchen countertops options are available in many different colors and textures. This is especially true of stone surfaces like granite and quartz. Granite naturally occurs in a variety of colors based on its mineral content. Colors range from dark shades like black and navy blue to bright shades like white and pink. It occurs in different textures, too. 

In a small kitchen, select material with bold color and strong visual texture. These surface features will jump out at the eye and make the surface seem larger, elongating the apparent size of your small kitchen. If you’re looking for new construction countertops, ask a local countertops retailer to customize slabs of naturally detailed, genuine stone or beautifully designed quartz. 

Remember That Material Matters

On the other hand, selecting a countertop material for a small kitchen should also be an issue of practicality. You’ll need to find countertops that can withstand daily use. Prep food, cook, serve meals, and clean up your messes on a material that’s optimized for all of your tasks. It’s particularly important to focus on material quality in a small kitchen because any flaws like scratches, nicks, and stains, will be more apparent and harder to hide. Granite is a great choice if you’re looking for hardiness. It’s one of the most durable options, able to withstand weight and temperature variations. While marble is one of the hardest substances on earth, it’s prone to etching – whitish stains – if you expose marble countertops to acids. The key with both marble and granite is to refinish them on a regular basis. Quartz, meanwhile, will never need refinishing. It’s a popular option for modern kitchen construction projects because its combination of natural stones and ultra-hard resins makes it a long-lasting, low-maintenance material.

While quartz and natural stone surfaces are on the higher end of the price range, a small kitchen means that you have less square footage to fill. Why not take advantage of the savings and get the best possible material at a lower rate? 

Find a Custom Countertops Specialist

Just as custom new construction cabinets help you build the best layout for your small kitchen, custom countertops are essential for working in a small space. By measuring to fit directly in your kitchen, your countertops can maximize space. The depth and dimensions will be best suited for easy food prep and serving, and the custom attention to detail will provide a better aesthetic. 

Call Legacy Granite Countertops today if you’re in the process of new construction in Marietta, GA. We can help you find the best-looking material for your kitchen, like granite, marble, or quartz. We carry a wide variety of styles and can custom-cut slabs for your project.