Remodeling Your Bathroom to Increase House Resale Value

When it comes to home remodels, there are certain areas of a home that will give you the biggest return on your investment. By remodeling the right rooms with the right upgrades, you can significantly increase your home’s resale value. Remodels in the kitchen give the biggest ROI, but you may be surprised to learn that the second largest return on investment comes from remodeling your bathroom. If you’re considering a bathroom upgrade, keep reading to learn the best places to focus your efforts. For assistance on your remodel or any other construction projects in Alpharetta, GA, contact Legacy Granite Countertops.

Update Your Cabinets

Updating the cabinetry in your bathroom is a good way to increase your home’s resale value. You don’t even need to completely replace the cabinets; simply refinishing them with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware can go a long way towards appealing to potential buyers. The fresh look of newly updated bathroom cabinets gives your bathroom a completely new look and feel, making it a big selling point without a huge investment.

Replace the Countertops

If your bathroom counters are made of old materials that are showing wear and tear, then replacing them is a good way to invest your remodeling budget. Dingy, damaged countertops will immediately turn a buyer off to your bathroom space. Counters are a part of the bathroom that quickly draw the eye, and if the eye finds something in immediate need of repairs or replacement, a potential buyer might walk away.

New counters from a high-quality material like granite or quartz is sure to impress would-be buyers. It shows that you’ve invested in your home and lets them know that this bathroom won’t need any major changes for some time.

Consider a Bath Upgrade

You might find it odd that the bathroom can give such a huge ROI when you remodel. After all, at its core, the bathroom is a purely utilitarian space. However, modern homeowners don’t view the bathroom that way; they want it to be a comforting retreat, like their own miniature spa at home. That’s why it’s worth considering upgrading your bathtub when you remodel.

A bathtub offers you the opportunity to completely relax and unwind. It’s the one area in your home where you can truly achieve a spa-like experience, so give this area the attention it deserves. If your bathtub is small, dingy, or outdated, consider replacing it. If it just needs a little facelift. Bath inserts are an affordable way to upgrade your bath without the expense of a complete tear-out and replacement.

Use a Professional

While not an area in your bathroom, professional services are one part of remodeling that you should absolutely invest in. While you could potentially refinish your cabinets on your own, other bathroom upgrades are complex and require the attention of a professional to ensure that plumbing and other fixtures are properly handled.

Upgrading a bathroom is a difficult task, and that’s precisely why it gives you such a high ROI; buyers want to know that it’s not an upgrade they’re going to have to make on their own any time soon. So, by investing in professional services, you’ll be getting the job done right and ensuring that your new bathroom gives you the highest return on your investment possible.

For professional help and expert advice on your bathroom updates in Alpharetta, GA, contact Legacy Granite Countertops today.