How to Plan the Ultimate Kitchen Upgrade

Upgrading your kitchen is no small task. Like any big project, it’s not something you should dive into without a detailed plan mapped out for your renovation. From the big picture to the little details, you need to make sure that you’ve planned out your kitchen upgrade as thoroughly as possible. Here are a few things you need to make sure you consider as you’re planning for this major change in your home.

Think Through Every Change

It’s important that you take time to consider every change you want to make and exactly why you want to make it. Wanting to update the style of your kitchen is plenty of reason for a change, but think through the functional changes as well. Do you need to add new construction cabinets in Marietta, GA, for extra storage? Do you need a more durable countertop material for your uses? Is there enough counter space for meal prep? Do you want to add a bar or island that the kids can sit at to do homework? Is the layout of the kitchen conducive to easy access and efficient cooking?

Consider every change you want to make and its benefits and drawbacks. A kitchen remodel is a major investment, so it’s important to ensure that you don’t make big decisions on a whim that you might regret later on.

Consider How Your Family Eats

Every family is different, and while we may like to imagine that we can all sit down with our families at the exact same time for dinner every evening, the odds are that that doesn’t always happen for your family. Be realistic about what your usual mealtime looks like and consider what upgrades you can make to accommodate that.

Does your spouse come home late during a busy season at the office? Consider adding a warming drawer to keep their dinner hot until they get home. Do your kids often eat meals while you’re busy with other tasks in the kitchen? Consider a kitchen bar, where they can sit near you and still talk to you while you’re getting things done and while they’re eating.

Consider How You Shop

You also need to consider how you typically do your grocery shopping – as well as how you would like to do your grocery shopping. Some people go to the grocery store every couple of days to get the things they need for the next few meals. Others plan out a week or even two weeks’ worth of meals and buy all the groceries needed to get by for the next several weeks. Still, others buy items that can be stored for long periods of time in bulk so that they can save money.

If you are (or want to be) a bulk shopper, make sure you have room for that food storage. On the other hand, if you prefer only picking up what you need every few days, you don’t have to worry as much about having a large walk-in pantry, and you can save that space for something you’ll make more use of.

Of course, there are many other factors to consider, so if you want to upgrade your kitchen, be sure to contact an expert, like those here at Legacy Granite Countertops. We’ll help you work through all the details of your kitchen upgrade or other construction projects in Marietta, GA. Give us a call today.