Top Kitchen Countertop Trends to Follow in 2020

Countertops are more than just a functional surface in your kitchen; they make up a great deal of the visual space in the room, which means they’re also a cornerstone of your kitchen’s style. If you’re considering replacing your countertops this year but aren’t yet sure what material or style you’re looking for, check out this blog for some inspiration on the latest countertop trends. You can also contact Legacy Granite Countertops for assistance in choosing the right countertops for your space as well as for professional installation of any countertop type, including white marble countertops in Roswell, GA.

Quartz Is on Top

Granite has long been the elite countertop material out there. It seemed that just about everyone wanted it, and it’s little wonder why; it’s strong, durable, and incredibly beautiful. But it’s also porous. This means liquids can seep into the surface and cause staining as well as provide a potential breeding ground for bacteria. While this can be fixed with sealant, sealants wear out, requiring granite countertops to be resealed periodically.

Quartz came onto the scene several years ago and has been rising in popularity ever since. It mimics the look of natural stone quite well and offers the same durability and strength, but it has the distinct benefit of not being porous. This man-made stone comes in many colors, patterns, and finishes so that it can look very similar to granite but without the need for regular resealing. Because of this, quartz is now the top material for 2020.

Matte Finishes

When you think of countertops, you likely picture them being polished and shiny, right? While that’s been the norm for decades, this year, a new trend is beginning to surface: matte finishes. Honed and leathered countertop surfaces appeal to the latest design movements, which are focused on textured and tactile surfaces. They conceal flaws, fingerprints, and water spots incredibly well too, which is an added bonus.

Veining and Patterns

As you may have noticed from recent baby-naming trends, today’s adults love things to be unique and one of a kind. The same applies to their countertops. Unique patterns and veining on countertop surfaces are all the rage this year.

Natural stones, including granite and marble, have this veining built right in. Every slab is genuinely, entirely unique in its patterning with no two slabs looking alike. Quartz, because it’s man-made, has to have the veining or pattern built into it. However, this can easily be done and gives you the opportunity to have some input on how you want your countertops to be patterned.

Choosing the Right Countertop for Your Home

Of course, the popular trends and styles are only one thing you’ll want to consider when choosing the right countertops for your home. The most important thing is to choose something you love and will continue to love for many, many years.

Whether you’re looking for counters for your kitchen or bathroom, or you want outdoor kitchen marble countertops in Roswell, GA, Legacy Granite Countertops can help. Give us a call today to learn more about the wide range of countertop design and installation services we can provide and to get a quote on your remodel or installation project.