Choosing Quality Countertops for Your Busy Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home. It’s where families meet after long days to cook, share meals, play games, and even get homework done. It’s easy to see why a big, roomy kitchen would be the perfect place to keep busy. Commercial kitchens are even busier. Whether your commercial kitchen serves food or acts as an employee break room, it will stay plenty busy. Great countertops like marble provide quality for busy kitchens, and thankfully, you can find suppliers that offer a low marble countertops cost in Roswell, GA. You just need to know where to shop.

But which are the absolute best countertops to bolster busy kitchens? It takes a strong surface to withstand multiple tasks and many busybodies, after all. Read on for a guide to the best surfaces, their distinct advantages, and advice on making the right selection for your home or business kitchen.


A relatively new material that has taken kitchens by storm worldwide, this engineered blend of real crushed stone and enhancing resins offers superior durability in the face of many challenges. Quartz is hardy, temperature resistant, and strong enough to handle many different tasks. It’s also built to be completely non-porous. While some countertops need to be sealed regularly to keep them non-porous, quartz has the protective and shiny seal built right in so they’re extremely low-maintenance. If they have any flaw, it’s the fact that exposed corners can chip. The solution? Customize your quartz with rounded edges and corners. However, customized quartz can be one of the pricier selections for your home or commercial kitchen.


One of the most popular countertops materials today, granite is durable and long-lasting. Unlike quartz, granite is a completely natural stone. It’s hardy, scratch-resistant, crack-resistant, temperature-resistant, and easy to clean. However, granite does need regular re-sealing. Without sealant, granite is very porous, meaning that it will absorb stains, liquids, and pathogens. However, a trustworthy granite supplier can re-seal your granite at regular intervals. The combination of strong stone and protective, color-enhancing sealant offers superior durability for busy kitchens. Best of all, granite is an affordable surface. It often looks more expensive than it really is.


The leader in style and elegance, marble has long been considered the countertops equivalent of silk or suede – it may need care and precaution, but its unmatched beauty is worth the effort. White marble countertops are particularly en vogue for residential and commercial kitchens. Just practice protective measures, and your marble will stay in top shape. Use cutting boards and temperature-resistant trivets to guard the surface. Wipe up spills right away, and clean them with gentle soap after cooking or dining. Don’t use pens, harsh cleaners, paint, or other materials that can cause irreversible stains on marble. Think of it this way: If it can stain carpet, it can probably stain marble. Also, as with granite, be sure to re-seal your marble countertops regularly.

Outdoor kitchen marble countertops aren’t recommended unless you’re fine with the surface developing a rustic appearance. Slight staining and etching are likely, but the surface will still look beautiful. Overall, marble kitchen countertops are so refined that even if they develop flaws, your busy kitchen will also be a beautiful kitchen.

If you’re in the market for new kitchen surfaces like fine marble countertops, start shopping with Legacy Granite Countertops today. We’re the best resource for residential and commercial countertops in Roswell, GA. Visit us to see our selection, learn about ordering custom countertops, and get design advice to optimize your busy kitchen.