Things You Shouldn’t Do to Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a natural, crystalline mineral with many uses, including jewelry and electronics. In interior design, quartz is the name for a beautiful construction material prized for countertops. There are many different color and pattern variations available. Quartz can be as affordable as granite if obtained from the right supplier, who can help you find the best brand and style to suit your budget. If you reside in Marietta, quartz countertops are much easier to find than you might think, and here are some things you shouldn’t do if you have them in your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you already own quartz countertops or plan to have them installed in your home, read on to find out how to maintain the look and integrity of your quartz countertop.

Choosing Quartz Countertops

But first, why should you consider quartz? If you live in Marietta, quartz is easy to come by, and you don’t need to bring your pickaxe to a quarry to mine it. It’s not a solid chunk of stone, but a composite made of crushed natural quartz, resinous binding materials, and pigments which add color. There are plenty of reasons to consider quartz for both new projects and renovations.

The South is known for warm hospitality and excellent cooking, and both demand an inviting, showstopping kitchen. Quartz offers an elegant look that will dramatically increase the value of your home by elevating the appearance of your kitchen. In the bathroom, it adds a sophisticated look that can truly add interest and appeal to your home.

Don’t Scrub or Scrape

Just because quartz is a hard, strong material doesn’t mean that it’s completely impervious to damage. Never use steel wool, scouring pads, stiff brushes, or metal implements to clean your quartz countertops as these can all leave scratches and dull the shiny finish. If you have caked-on spills, such as paint, soap, toothpaste, or food, use a plastic scraper, plastic knife, or a soft nylon brush to remove it from the countertop.

Don’t Use Household Cleaning Products

Quartz countertops require minimal maintenance, but you will need to clean the surface from time to time. Don’t reach for popular cleaners and sprays. Their chemicals may weaken the bonds in the materials that comprise your quartz slab. Simply wipe the surface down with specially formulated quartz cleaner to keep it clean. Likewise, don’t use a sealer on your countertop. Quartz doesn’t require sealing like granite does, and slabs come with a glossy factory finish that lasts for many years with proper care.

Don’t Lose Your Warranty Certificate

Lastly, keep in mind that your new quartz countertop likely comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Review this document and keep it on hand, so you know what to do in the unlikely event of breakage. It will also contain maintenance instructions to help ensure your investment lasts for decades. If something happens and you’re still covered by your warranty, that’s good news for you and your countertop, but a lost certificate is of no use to either of you.

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