Upgrading Your Bathroom Vanity with Quality Countertops

Bathroom SinkBathroom vanities are actually some of the most important–and frequently used–pieces of furniture in your home. So make sure that every bathroom vanity in your home looks its best. Hang a beautiful mirror on the wall, be selective with your choices of amenities to display, and install high-quality materials like great stone countertops.

Read on to learn about the importance of great countertops for any bathroom vanity.


Some common bathroom countertop materials just aren’t functional. Good bathroom vanity countertops should achieve several purposes. First of all, they should be water resistant. Bathroom countertops are splashed with water every time someone washes their hands. Also, products like soap, lotion, and makeup can spill onto the surface, so the material should be easy to clean. Finally, bathroom countertops should of course be presentable.

And while there are many surface options that do achieve these purposes, including fine granite countertops, some common alternatives don’t achieve the same. Find a material like granite or quartz that’s beautiful to look at, but also holds up to everyday use. When sealed properly, granite retains its original beauty for a long time. Quartz, meanwhile, is famously hardy and doesn’t need to be re-sealed.


It’s also important to style your bathroom in a way that’s impressive to look at. This is important for every bathroom. After all, having somewhere beautiful and stylish to get ready every morning and wind down every night makes you happier. But it’s especially important for guest baths and powder rooms to look outstanding. Guests judge your bathrooms every time they’re used, so make sure that you’re wowing your guests with gorgeous materials like richly colored granite or elegantly patterned quartz.

Granite bathroom countertops are certainly in style today, as are quartz surfaces. They provide color and texture that looks authentic and earthy. Today’s style trends favor gorgeous textured materials over clutter and decor. So take advantage of the colorful details in authentic granite or supremely engineered quartz. Best of all, there’s no chance of these fine materials going out of style any time soon, so your bathroom vanity will show off cutting edge style for many years.


Nice Double Sink BathroomWhile there are cheap options for your countertops, like laminate or solid surfaces, materials like granite and quartz offer more value, even if they’re available at a higher price. That’s because they’re far more impressive than discount countertops. Most importantly, though, they’re longer-lasting. Cheap materials must be replaced more often, but granite and quartz vanity countertops are designed to last. Invest in one good bathroom remodel with great surface materials today, and you’ll still be enjoying the benefits decades later.

If you’re ready to move on, then you reap even more benefits. That’s because investing in bathroom improvements like new countertop installation provides an amazing return on investment. You can make back more in raised property values than you paid for quartz or granite countertops in the first place!

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