Maintaining Your White Marble Countertops

Sink with white marble countertopFew natural countertop materials can rival the pristine classic beauty of white marble. Long the choice of classical sculptors and builders, white marble is workable stone than can be easily shaped while maintaining heat resistance. That’s one reason, along with the beauty of its appearance, that white marble countertops are still coveted in kitchens today. Despite their durability, however, you must take care when maintaining your marble countertops to avoid scratching or discoloration. If not properly sealed, marble can absorb colors and odors from common foods and beverages. If not properly maintained, they can easily become scratched and damaged.

Fortunately, there are some simple preventative measures and maintenance tasks that you can undertake to ensure that your white marble countertops stay beautiful and unblemished for years to come. Keep reading to learn about a few handy tips for flawlessly maintaining your white marble countertops.

Use Sealer

Marble is semi-porous, which means it can easily absorb liquids that come into contact with it. Imagine something like red wine or beet juice permanently staining your beautiful white marble, and you can see why it’s so important to seal your countertops. Sealing fills the tiny pores and prevents stains from sinking into the stone. Instead, they can simply be wiped away without leaving lingering residue.

Remove Grease Naturally

Because of the semi-porous nature of marble, another common issue with marble countertops in the kitchen is the presence of oil and grease. Any oily substance can soak into your stone and cause it to become discolored. If you have an oil or grease stain on your white marble, there’s a quick and easy trick that can be used to lift the stain. Apply a healthy helping of cornstarch to the stained surface of the marble and allow it to sit for a few hours. In many cases, the cornstarch will draw the oil out of the stone, leaving the surface in its original condition. Simply wipe off the cornstarch and clean the marble as you normally would.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

Modern kitchen with beautiful white marble countertopAvoid any household cleaners that contain an abrasive or grit. Such cleaners can scratch the surface of your marble, which can make it more susceptible to future staining. Look out for cleaners that also contain acid, even if it’s derived from a natural source like citrus. Avoid anything containing vinegar or ammonia. Instead, simply use a large sponge, warm water, and a mild dish soap. This combination will get your countertops as clean as can be.

Use Marble Polish

Marble polish is indispensable in maintaining the condition of your marble countertops, which makes it a worthy investment to purchase a bottle. It can be used to keep your marble surface lustrous and beautiful, but it can also help if you experience etching on your countertops. Use the polish routinely to enhance the appearance of your countertops, or apply it where etching is perceived to reduce its prominence.

If you own white marble countertops, use these tips to keep them in optimal condition. With proper care and maintenance, your marble can last a lifetime. To learn more tips for maintaining your white marble countertops, contact Legacy Granite Countertops at 678-867-0100.