Why Marble Countertops are the Best Choice for Your Kitchen

Famously beautiful and long-lasting, marble has been a choice building material for millennia. However, only recently has technology perfected the art of the marble countertop. Now it’s considered the finest choice for countertops, especially in your kitchen. It’s no wonder why marble kitchen countertops from Roswell, GA, are so popular. Read on to learn why marble is the best choice for your home kitchen.


Marble is certainly in style – not that it ever went out of style. The luxurious look of gently textured white marble countertops is incredibly popular in 2020 kitchens. Many are even opting for outdoor kitchen marble countertops, taking advantage of its superior looks that hold up against the elements. And while marble is often considered a high-end material, you can find easily find high-quality marble countertops at an affordable price. A local kitchen countertops specialist can help you explore varieties of marble surfaces within your price range.


Marble is a natural stone made when already strong limestone is subjected to extreme heat and/or pressure. Over time, this extreme testing compresses limestone into glorious marble. It’s one of the strongest substances in the world, resistant to weight, pressure, and force. If you want the longest-lasting surface for your kitchen, choose marble. Unlike some common alternatives like butcher block and linoleum, marble won’t crack, chip, or break easily. And while it’s never recommended that you stand or sit on your kitchen countertops, they can easily handle the weight. 

Heat Resistance

Heat resistance is one of the most important qualities for a kitchen surface. After all, heat damage is one of the top causes of ruined countertops, especially with cheap surface materials. Luckily, marble is one of the strongest options for your kitchen for withstanding high temperatures. It won’t scratch, burn, chip, crack, or warp when exposed to heat. While it’s never recommended that you set a hot dish directly onto your countertops, it can easily withstand radiant heat. This is incredibly important around your sink, where hot water is dispensed, and around your stove or cooktop. Inferior surface materials will show signs of heat-related damage in a matter of months. Marble, however, stays good-as-new.

Color Options

Finally, one of the best benefits of choosing to install marble countertops is its many color options. Marble naturally occurs in a vast array of colors, including neutrals like white, brown, gray, and black. Even better, you can select a variety of bold color options like blue, green, and pink. Marble naturally occurs in so many colors because of the various trace minerals, locality, and exact conditions that form each slab of genuine marble. So, whether you want a simple and clean-looking kitchen, a youthful and eccentric kitchen, or a bold and stylish kitchen, there is a variety of marble just for you. Best of all, because it’s natural, no two marble countertops are exactly alike. True originality will be the centerpiece of your kitchen aesthetic.

So, whether you’re looking for fine home kitchen countertops or commercial countertops in Roswell, GA, visit Legacy Granite Countertops to find the superior surface that you need. We offer a wide variety of fine surfaces, including marble, granite, and quartz.