Why You Should Match Your Backsplash Tile to Countertops

Colorful Kitchen BacksplashThe kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the room you might head straight into every morning, it’s the place that makes entertaining parties, or just relaxing with the family as enjoyable as possible. So designing your kitchen requires a great deal of thought and consideration. You have to get your design right if you want your kitchen to look stylish, be practical, and stand the test of time.

Countertop suppliers in Marietta, GA, can provide you with the materials that you need in order to have a beautiful kitchen. And no matter what style of kitchen you have in mind, high-quality countertops are always in style. Another thing that’s always in style is matching your backsplash and countertops perfectly. A great blend of materials makes your kitchen look like a true design haven.

Here are the top reasons why you should match these materials to one another.

Choose Your Effect

The term “match” is a loose one and basically means whatever you want it to. Do you want to match your countertops and backsplash by using the same material on both surfaces? This simplistic, understated design makes your kitchen look smart and simple. Do you want to match the surfaces by pairing complementary, distinct colors? For instance, classic granite countertops in beige and pink will look elegant with light blue tile backsplash. The choices are yours.

Take Advantage of Good Materials

There are many countertop materials with distinct benefits, like the classic beauty of marble or the hardiness of granite. Matching countertops and backsplash means filling your kitchen with protective materials that keep your walls and cabinetry safe. Good materials create a kitchen that lasts longer and works harder for you. And protecting two surfaces gives you two surfaces to decorate. Go simplistic with similar colors or be complex and energetic with contrasting surfaces, each of which are easy to clean and stand up to years of cooking and entertaining.

Countertop suppliers in Marietta, GA, can give you the surfaces that you need to create your dream kitchen, from a simplistic and modern room to a traditionally elegant and well-appointed one.