10 Stunning Quartz Colors for Kitchen Countertops

Black and Gold QuartzDurable, long-lasting, and always impressive, quartz countertops from Marietta, GA can make any home’s kitchen or bathrooms look better than ever. Not only will quartz look perfectly new and fresh for a long time with virtually no maintenance, but quartz is also very easy to match with your kitchen or bathrooms. 

Why is quartz so simple to incorporate into your home, especially the kitchen? It’s because there are so many quartz countertop designs to choose from. Quartz is a partially manufactured material. It’s made from a combination of crushed quartz stone pieces and enhancing plastic resins. The use of resins can make quartz resemble virtually anything, from a complex and richly veined piece of marble to something completely polished and uniform in appearance, almost like lava stone. 

So when you’re shopping for high-quality quartz countertops from contractors near you, make sure to keep your options open. The options are definitely out there.

If you’re overwhelmed by the almost infinite ways to customize high-quality quartz, you can start with this convenient guide. Here are 10 of the most stunning quartz styles you can select.

White Marbled

White QuartzSimple with understated sophistication, white marbled quartz resembles the highly popular White Carrera marble, only without the cost of importing it all the way from Italy. 


Neutral and a good foundation for any kitchen design, taupe quartz resembles something between marble and granite, with a mixture of coffee-brown streaks and tan flecks.


Polished and unique in color, camel has a gentle texture and high reflectivity, for a minimalist kitchen full of natural light.

Midnight Black 

Elegant and intense midnight black quartz is perfect for the modern kitchen. Use it to contrast in a kitchen full of white surfaces, or to give a more elegant edge to gray walls and flooring. It’s simple to pair with and will hide flaws easily.


This unique, long-streaked variety of quartz will catch the eye and amaze your guests. With elements of tan, gray, and white, or even other varieties of colors, swirl quartz is perfect for an eccentric kitchen scheme.

Traditional Cream

It resembles golden-white marble and will give your kitchen an old-fashioned refinement. This type of quartz pairs well with natural wooden finish cabinetry and hardwood flooring, as well as golden hardware and fixtures.


Go bold and unpredictable with bright, cherry-red quartz. It’s polished and pretty, and is sure to make your kitchen stand out from the rest. Also recommended for those who love red wine and red meat.

Deep Mix

Resembling a beautiful mix of marble and granite, and combining colorful elements from each, deep mix quartz hosts a wide swath of neutral colors, from black to beige, in layered colors that look fresh from the quarry.


Another unique and artistic choice, mint quartz is light green with touches of white and charcoal gray for balance. This type of quartz will add a beautifully unique touch of lively green to any kitchen, and matches with virtually everything, from the simple white kitchen to a metallic and gray kitchen, and more.


How could you go wrong with gray? Gray stone countertops are simple and elegant. Just between light gray and deep, charcoal gray, this medium shade of quartz will add a touch of relaxed sophistication to any kitchen.

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