Why Granite Countertops are Always Timeless

KitchenSome elements of home design never go out of style. Porcelain bathtubs have always been associated with elegance and comfort. Large picture windows have brought bright natural light and positivity into homes for hundreds of years. And of course, granite countertops have been a hit material since they were first incorporated into homes. To this day, granite countertops in Atlanta are a perfect feature in any kitchen or bathroom. Blending the modern and the traditional with everyday functionality, you simply can’t go wrong with granite kitchen countertops. 

There are many reasons why granite hasn’t gone out of style or even faded in popularity. There are also many reasons why granite has no chance of losing popularity anytime soon. Here are the top reasons why granite is simply timeless.

Natural Beauty

Granite is naturally beautiful. A type of igneous rock found deep underground, granite is the result of quartz and other natural minerals like phosphorus undergoing intense heat, pressure, and age underground. It takes many years for granite to form. Every piece of natural granite stone represents real, straight-from-the-earth beauty that’s truly one of a kind. This unique natural phenomenon behind every slab of granite makes it absolutely timeless.


Granite SamplesWhy does granite continue to be one of the best options for a kitchen or bathroom countertop? It’s because natural granite resists moisture damage, withstands both heat and cold, and is difficult to scratch or scuff. It doesn’t lose its natural coloring or patterns over time. While granite can potentially stain if you don’t clean it well, or if you expose it to caustic substances like bleach, regular re-sealing will ensure the stone maintains its original beauty. Few materials last as long as granite does. Even marble, another popular natural stone, is less damage resistant than ultra-strong granite.

While granite is naturally resistant to damage, a layer of protective finish provides added durability and stain protection. A simple seal makes the stone non-porous, meaning that bacteria, liquids, and food particles won’t get lodged inside. A surface wipe with simple soap and water will keep your granite completely hygienic and clean. The finish can make the stone look shiny or matte depending on your preference.

Style Options

Finally, granite is timeless because it’s so versatile. Different grades and styles of granite give you almost endless options. Shop for green, black, gray, white, red, or even tan granite to suit any kitchen or bathroom color scheme. You can choose from different slabs that contain different mineral contents, each of which gives it a unique blend and abundance of details like freckles and veins. 

No matter how old-fashioned or contemporary you want your home to look, the right choice of granite can complement your design scheme perfectly. To learn more about granite countertops in Atlanta, visit Legacy Granite Countertops. Shop for granite and countertops in a variety of styles, as well as other high-end countertops materials like marble that will make your home look more elegant and timeless.