Why Engineered Quartz Is a Smart Choice

QuartzNew countertops can transform your kitchen or bathroom into a beautiful haven. The surfaces in these rooms are continuously used throughout the day, and their look, feel, and cleanliness can have a huge impact on you. Therefore, the type of countertops you choose is an important decision.


There are many materials to choose from when picking out countertops. All-natural stones like marble and granite are both classic and stunning options for traditional countertops, however, these organic options both have big downsides. That is why many people are choosing to install quartz countertops instead. Before selecting the right materials for your home, first learn about what quartz is, how it’s made, and what makes quartz a smart choice for countertops.

Engineered Quartz

Engineered quartz is manmade made up of mostly natural ground quartz mixed with a small amount of polymer resins that helps bind the stone’s material and allows for larger slabs to be produced compared to natural stones. Though quartz is a manufactured stone, it’s difficult to tell the difference between quartz and real stone. Besides how amazing quartz countertops look, there are additional reasons why quartz countertops are an obvious choice.


Hygienic: Unlike granite countertops, quartz is nonporous and therefore bacteria, mold, and mildew are unable to permeate the surface. Quartz’s cleanliness makes it a great choice for both kitchens and bathrooms where sanitation is necessary.

Durable: Quartz is a hard material that is both scratch and stain resistant, and therefore a long-lasting option for your home. White quartz countertops are especially popular since you get a great look without the usual fuss.

Color Selection: Natural stone options tend to only come in a handful of color options, whereas quartz is available in almost any color. Quartz can mimic traditional granite or marble stone if that is what you’re looking for, but also comes in more cutting edge looks like wood or concrete.

Low Maintenance: Since quartz naturally is nonporous, it doesn’t require staining or other preventative methods like granite does. Cleaning quartz countertops can simply be done with a wet rag and dry towel, making it a low maintenance option.

Versatile: The color section and malleability of the stone makes quartz a perfect material for versatile designs. You can transform your home into anything imaginable since there are endless options for what you can do with quartz and how you can make it look.

CountertopAffordable: Quartz is high-quality, low maintenance, has a long life, at a comparable price, which makes it one of the best deals for countertop material.

The first step in selecting quartz countertops is shopping around to compare colors, styles, and prices. Once you have chosen where to buy your quartz countertops in Alpharetta, the professionals can help you with the design process. This includes taking measurements and drawing out a template. You will then order your slabs and schedule an installation. Quartz countertop installation in Alpharetta, GA, shouldn’t take more than a day, and usually only about two to four hours depending on the size of the project.

For beautiful countertops that are low maintenance, affordable, and durable, contact the Legacy Granite Countertops professionals today.