Pairing Quartz Countertops With Oak Cabinets

White coutnertops with gray cabinetsQuartz countertops are definitely a good match for oak wood cabinets. They’re both elegant and timeless materials that make a beautiful addition to your kitchen interior. Here are some pairing ideas you can apply to your own cooking area.

Brighten Up the Cooking Area

The key to brightening up any room is to add reflective surfaces. Some things you can do to achieve this are to paint the walls with cool tones, incorporate sleek décor, and install light cabinets like those made of honey or white oak. However, you don’t want to go overboard with the pale color palette, as the interior will look washed out. 

The best way to break the monotony is to install a grayish quartz countertop flecked with tiny spots of black or deep gray. Its light base helps maintain a sense of cohesiveness, while the dark specks balance out the color of your cooking area.

Achieve a Minimalist Aesthetic

If you want to achieve this aesthetic, stay away from dark oaks. They have elaborate knots and grain patterns, and the last thing you want in a minimalist cooking area is intricate cabinetry. You also want to eliminate wood with red undertones, since they don’t work well to create a basic kitchen appearance.

You can go with light or driftwood oak cabinets since they have a neutral hue. Pair them with white quartz worktops that have minimal to no veins or specks. You can also add a pop of color to liven up the place, but don’t overdo it. It’s best to use a muted or pastel palette when adding accent pieces.

White coutnertops with gray cabinetsAdd a Warm Vibe to Your Interior

The hallmark design elements that help create a warm, cozy vibe in the kitchen are raw wood, metal, and stone. You can use red oak for your cabinets, slate tile for your backsplashes, and wrought iron for other fixtures.

You can complement these design features with a beige- or caramel-colored quartz countertop. Its earthy tones give your kitchen a touch of nature that infuses your home with warmth and comfort. It’ll provide the perfect ambiance for enjoying a piece of freshly toasted bread and brewed coffee in the morning.

Create a Clean and Polished Look

A kitchen that exudes a sanitary look typically has a combination of modern and minimalist features. Those include bold colors, leading lines, and clean edges. It also incorporates a mixture of old and new, as well as casual, yet polished design elements.

Classic dark oak cabinets with defined grains partnered with stark white quartz worktops are best for this aesthetic. The bold simplicity of the color highlights the wood’s knots and strong horizontal patterns, making the fixture a focal point in your kitchen. Also, have the slab cut straight or beveled. It should have no rounded or curvy edges.

Complement a Dark Color Scheme

A dark theme isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when designing a kitchen. However, many people are enticed by the sleekness and sophistication it exudes.

Contrary to popular belief, dark kitchens don’t always have to be black. You can still go for this style with the use of dark oak cabinets that have a Cherry Bordeaux finish. You can pair them with a black countertop with minimal to no patterns, or a green slab with gold veins. Both can add depth and elegance to your interior design.

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