Transforming Your Kitchen with Granite Countertops

Granite CountertopsThe kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you prepare home-cooked meals, entertain your guests, and start each day off right. So shouldn’t your kitchen be styled to impress? Some features improve the comfort and elegance of your kitchen and top it all off with daily practicality. These include smart lighting schemes, durable appliances, and pristine cabinetries.

But then there are your countertops, some of the most important and often-used features in any home. Granite is one of the best choices for your kitchen countertops, boosting the visual appeal and practical durability in your kitchen. Read on to learn how granite countertops — even discount granite countertops — can transform your kitchen with amazing results that you’ll love every day. 

Classic Beauty

Granite is a fine natural stone, created deep underground as a result of minerals being under intense heat or pressure. Like diamonds, granite is created after many years of slow transformation. Over time, ordinary rocks and minerals will develop into an ultra-hard, gorgeously colorful, and shiny material. Granite is then quarried and cut into slabs that are polished and covered in a protective finishing coat. 

The result is a gorgeous surface. Granite has been treasured for centuries for its beauty, including deep color variety and long-lasting shine. Best of all, no two slabs of granite are exact. Your kitchen will proudly carry a unique material, made by the earth.

Style Versatility

Granite naturally occurs in many different colors, including pink, green, gray, white, and even peach. Add to that the many textures that can form in granite, like speckles, flecks, shiny crystalline formations, and veins, and you have an endlessly versatile material. You can certainly find the right slab of granite to match your kitchen. The right combination of primary colors, subtle secondary colors, and textures will pair perfectly with other materials in your kitchen as well as your choice of the color scheme. Choose granite with cool, neutral colors for sleekness and masculine style. Choose warm, romantic colors for femininity and comfort in your kitchen.

Granite CountertopsEveryday Use

Granite can also make your kitchen easy to use and even easier to care for. When sealed properly and maintained often, granite will have a non-porous, easy-to-clean surface that’s perfect for prepping food, serving food, and cleaning up at the end of your meal. Make grand dinners, throw parties, and even let the kids help. Granite will always be easy to maintain. 

Granite can also tolerate temperatures and weight reasonably well. If you clean up spills quickly, stains won’t set, even when dealing with red wine, lemon juice, and other substances that are likely to stain weaker materials. Granite composite countertops are particularly hardy and long-lasting because they combine natural granite with practically indestructible resins. 

At Legacy Granite Countertops, fine stone surfaces are our specialty. We’re the most trusted granite suppliers in Suwanee, with an eye for good design and skill installation services, so your countertops won’t just look great, they’ll be built to last. Best of all, we offer granite countertops at a cost so low that you’ll wonder why you took so long to upgrade. Call us today to learn more about the varieties of stone surfaces that we carry, including classic granite.