The Difference Between Marble and Quartz Countertops

Marble CountertopGreat countertops can make a kitchen or bathroom truly shine. Good countertops will immediately attract the eye and make an impact. Best of all, great countertops are practical for everyday use, whether you’re an avid home cook or want a more luxurious place to start your day. 

Two of the most common and highest-end countertops materials are marble and quartz. Which of these two is right for your home counters? Here are the differences between marble and quartz countertops.

The Features of Marble

Marble countertops are made of genuine, straight-from-the-earth marble that’s formed when limestone is pressurized and heated. Its genuine beauty has made it one of the most prized building materials on earth. Cultures from around the world have used marble to signify important structures and to craft gorgeous art. 

Because marble forms naturally in different unique conditions worldwide, there are many known varieties of marble, each of which has distinctive character and charm. Marble usually has veins or wavy patterns naturally built-in, but marble can range from relatively uniform and minimal to intensely textured. And while the chemical makeup of marble can give it certain color characteristics as with texture, marble can vary from simple to ornate. 

While they can be pricey, they add tremendous value to a home, especially because they’re one-of-a-kind.

The Features of Quartz

Quartz is an engineered material that contains real stone. It’s made from crushed quartz stones and artificial resins combined to make a stone that’s enhanced and natural-looking.

Because quartz is an engineered product, it can be designed to look like virtually anything, including other stone surfaces like marble. It’s designed in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Best of all, it’s a convincing substitute for stone. Quartz happens to be more durable than other materials because it’s fused with strong polymer resins. It’s also non-porous, meaning that it won’t absorb stains or pathogens. Quartz is easy to maintain and no sealing and re-sealing is required. 

Quartz CountertopA Fair Comparison

Many people prefer the low upkeep that comes with quartz countertops. Quartz is better at handling acids and other chemical substances, whereas marble kitchen countertops may develop etching. Etching looks like white, cloudy stains that form when acids eat through the finishing glaze and damage the marble itself. 

However, the pride of owning real, genuine marble countertops can’t be overstated. As said earlier, no two slabs of marble are exactly alike. And while marble may require more care and upkeep, you’d put the same level of care into a fine car or article of clothing. So why not your countertops? 

Getting the Best Countertop

Whether you decide to invest in low-maintenance granite or authentic marble, the best place to get your countertops is Legacy Granite Countertops. We proudly offer the finest granite, quartz, and marble countertops in Roswell, GA, at great prices. Call us today to find the best countertops for your home.