Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Ranch Style Homes

Large living room on the horse ranch with the kitchen.Ranch style homes are American classics. Instantly recognizable as simple and elegant, with a lasting beauty and homey feel that make them as desired now as when they were built. They weren’t, however, built with modern tastes in mind, so many homeowners have sought ways to update their beloved homes. Here are some ideas for updating your ranch style home.

Opening the Kitchen

The first thing people notice in older homes is how sectioned off the kitchen is from the rest of the house. Modern families are more used to the social interaction that comes with hanging out in the kitchen, and want more space when preparing a meal, so removing any barriers between the kitchen and the living room is a great way to update an older home. Removing the wall to the kitchen better integrates the kitchen with the rest of the house, and allows the cook views to the living room, and perhaps the front yard. Also, consider updating the kitchen with marble countertops. Marietta has installers expert at improving the look and feel of a kitchen with modern amenities like new counters.

Keep It Classic

You have a ranch style home for a reason. The old wood cabinets, simple lines, and traditional moldings are what capture the charm of the place. The last thing you want to do is rip out these things, and when redesigning the kitchen, or refurbishing other aspects of the house, you want to incorporate the classic style into the remodel.

Modernized Features

Your house may be old, but that doesn’t mean you can’t update with a new oven, stove, and marble counters. Just like a home stereo system and 5.1 surround sound doesn’t interfere with the home’s historic charm, neither does updating with the kind of amenities you’ve grown used to. Cork flooring in the kitchen, for example, is another fine way to improve the home without distancing it from the ranch style.

Ranch style homes can retain their charm with just a little love. Keeping it simple, while updating with cork flooring and new paint job can make it one of the more lovely homes in Marietta. Quartz countertops are also a fine example of simple changes you can make that really stand out without disrupting the simple elegance of your home.


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