Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertops

White laminated table on defocused rustic kitchen bench interior backgroundSometimes, the only way to get the kitchen you want is with a full remodel. And, while it might be nice to have a kitchen remodeling contractor in Roswell come in and put in brand-new countertops as part of that remodel, the costs can add up. But whole new counters aren’t always necessary. Here are a few ways to upgrade your existing countertops.

Try a New Paint Job

You’d be surprised at the effect a new coat of paint can have on old laminate countertops. Rust-Oleum makes countertop paint that is inexpensive and comes in almost any imaginable color. They also make a Transformations product which can mimic the look of actual stone. There are other techniques – such as the use of chalkboard paint and paste wax – that can be used to impersonate other types of natural stone such as soapstone.

Skim-Coat Your Counters

To achieve the look of concrete, use an Ardex concrete product on your existing countertops. Far cheaper than hiring contractors who specialize in kitchen remodeling in Roswell, skim-coating your counters will give you the concrete look you desire, without all the expense of actual concrete.

Build Your Own DIY Concrete Counters

Certainly, more labor-intensive than a paint job, building your own concrete countertops is the surest way to achieve the modern look of concrete as well as its lasting durability. While the process is fairly simple, it involves building forms, mixing and pouring the concrete, and then setting the new counters in place. To make sure you get the mix right, it’s best to make a few sample pieces first before making the whole counters.

While these are some simple things anyone can do to upgrade their existing counters, if it sounds a little too complicated or labor-intensive, then look into contractors who are expert in kitchen remodeling in Roswell. Whether working with contractors, or doing the work yourself, there’s no reason you can’t have the countertops of your dreams.


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