Freshen Up Your Kitchen with Granite Countertops

KtchenIf you’re bored with your kitchen’s stale or outdated look, then don’t live with it—renovate it! Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of simple fixes for dull or uninspiring kitchens, including swapping out dull laminate counters for beautiful granite countertops, which have an elegant but comforting appearance. If you’re looking for the best granite and countertops in Duluth, shop for granite that looks appropriate for your kitchen’s style, color scheme, and size. 

Here are some more tips for maximizing your kitchen’s style potential, instead of leaving it drab or outdated.

Use Color

Color can instantly upgrade any room, especially kitchens, rooms that tend to fall by the wayside with dull beige and white color schemes. You can install granite composite countertops or sinks in a bright and relaxing color, like light blue or pink. Because granite is full of natural earth tones, bright colors will maintain a touch of neutral hues and won’t overwhelm a room.

Avoid cluttering your kitchen with bright decor, and upgrade to colorful building materials like flooring and countertops instead.

Use Texture

Textured patterns and shapes can upgrade a swath of flat surfaces. If you don’t have the budget to add decorative trim to your kitchen walls and cabinetry, add eye-catching handles and pulls to every cabinet and drawer. You can find inexpensive granite composite, which is designed to have the natural-looking texture of real quarried stone.

Upgrade Storage

You can upgrade the look of your kitchen by simply adding more storage potential, or upgrading your current storage setup. For instance, swap out outdated or small cabinets with open shelving. Aim for a rustic look for a contemporary kitchen. You can also bring home a salvage piece, like a hutch or china cabinet, for more storage in an unexpected place.

Remember that storage is about more than the cabinets, though. If you have delicate or non-weight-resistant cabinets, like laminate or wood, upgrade to granite countertops, which can handle all the small appliances, pots, and decor you want.

If you’re looking for the best granite and countertops in Duluth, shop with a local custom countertop company, preferably one that specializes in natural stone and stone-based composite materials.

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