Differences between Granite and Marble Countertops

One of the most desired upgrades in the kitchen is the countertops. If you want to replace old outdated laminate, tile, or other countertop material for something more stylish and functional, you might be considering marble or granite countertops in Duluth. Choosing the right countertop material and style can be daunting. There are many things to consider and you’ll be living with your kitchen countertops hopefully for many years, so you want to make the right decision. Two of the most popular choices for countertops are marble and granite. This article explores the key differences between these two materials.


Marble is such a classic stone. Reminiscent of great artists and sculptors, palaces, and elegance, marble will always look classy. Natural marble comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Most people think of marble as white with grey or black veining, but the dominant color can be black, red, yellow, or brown. However, there’s a reason that marble was a favorite stone for sculptors. It’s a soft stone, and can break, chip, and scratch easily. It’s also more porous so can stain and etch.

Marble countertops, while beautiful, will take more upkeep than other materials like granite or granite composite. For this reason, many people choose to put marble in bathrooms or wash rooms but not in the high traffic kitchen. If you’re willing to put in the extra work and care for the beautiful, elegant look of marble, then it’s probably the right choice for you.


Granite is possibly the most popular choice for countertops. Natural granite comes in a huge variety of colors and patterns, from large marbled veins to small sprinkles of color. Colors range on the scale from white to black. The stone itself is also very hard and resists scratching, staining, and can stand up to heat fairly well. Granite needs to be properly sealed and it will need periodic sealing over the lifetime of your counters, but you won’t have to think much about keeping your countertops looking beautiful on a daily basis. Talk to an expert about granite and countertops in Duluth if you want a stunning kitchen upgrade.

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