5 Advantages of Marble Countertops

Marble countertops in Milton add elegance and style to a kitchen or bathroom like no other surface can. But there are other advantage of marble in addition to its beauty that you may not have even considered. Here are some additional benefits of marble countertops in Milton to think about.

Unique Beauty

As mentioned, marble provides a classic beauty that matches with any color of cabinet you can imagine. But what few people realize is that this natural beauty is unique to marble. The color and grain of marble isn’t found in any other type of natural stone which is why it’s such a timeless and classic look suitable for so many different homes.


You may be surprised to hear that marble is one of the more affordable options for solid surface countertops. In fact, one of the most popular types of marble, Carrera, is loved for its classic look and is less expensive than many types of granite. Even rarer types of marble are usually less expensive than quartz.


Part of the reason marble is a more affordable option is because it is widely available. Since marble is a softer material than granite and quartz, countertop companies usually have a large supply on hand. It’s easier to shape and edge marble without damaging the surface, making it a good option for use in different areas of your home.


Marble is a popular choice in kitchens because the cool temperature makes it easier to roll out dough and pastries without sticking. It doesn’t conduct heat all that well, so it will remain cool while you work, making it better than other countertop surfaces in regards to baking.


Marble is a very durable product that’s resistant to cracks and scratches. Resealing the surface of the marble helps it to better resist stains and increase its lifespan. Although marble may be somewhat “softer” than quartz or granite, it’s extremely difficult to break through regular use, making it an excellent choice for a well-used kitchen.

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