Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Counter Design Options

Is it time to give your kitchen a facelift? As you consider all of the different things that you can do with your kitchen, it’s important to consider the kitchen counter design. You want something that looks visually appealing while remaining functional because you’re going to spend a lot of time in your kitchen preparing food, enjoying meals, entertaining guests, and more. Consider the following 6 ideas to create a beautiful yet functional design. 

U-Shaped Island

Including an island in your kitchen is a great way to increase storage and counter space. Most people have a rectangular island sitting in the middle of the kitchen. Rather than sticking to the norm, consider a U-shaped island. This allows you to work in the middle of the island with plenty of extra storage space and counter space around you. You can also place more chairs around the island for people to visit with you while you work.

Ceramic Cooktops

If you have limited space in your kitchen, consider adding a ceramic cooktop that blends in with your granite or marble counters. Cooktops that are flat and made out of glass work great in traditional or contemporary kitchens.

Bold Colors

If you’re looking for a way to liven up the space, consider choosing a bold color for your countertops. Some of the common choices are yellow, orange, and green; however, black or white could appear bold in certain kitchens. Try to create contrast with the other colors in the room to create a fun, eye-popping look.

Thick Slabs

Most counter slabs are approximately 2 inches thick; however, there are thicker slabs available. Thicker slabs are unique, which would help your kitchen stand out to others in a visually appealing way. Look for slabs that range from 3 to 5 inches. Just be sure to adjust the cabinets to match the thicker slabs.

Mixed Materials

Professionals chefs understand the need for different countertop materials. They may benefit from marble or granite slabs around the kitchen, but maybe they want a butcher block counter on the island, where they prepare food. You could also choose metal counters. Stainless steel, zinc, and copper are popular metal options. Don’t be afraid to mix materials in the kitchen to create different work zones.

Smart Storage Solutions

Adding storage space is one goal that most people have when they remodel their kitchen. You might want clean and beautiful counters, but if you can add storage space, then they become functional, too. There are smart storage solutions for counters, such as corner cabinet space, 2-tiered carousels, and more. Check out the options and choose ones that help increase your storage space and look great with the counters that you install.

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty when you want a functional kitchen, and you don’t have to give up your dream of having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen just because you favor function over form. Check out the kitchen designer gallery for examples of functional and beautiful kitchens for more ideas that you can consider for your kitchen makeover to achieve the perfect balance of beauty and function that you want.

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