Kitchen Remodeling Trends – Quartz Counters

When remodeling the interior of a home, often the first room that will come to mind is the kitchen. That’s because the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we eat our daily meals and the hub of action for holiday parties and other special events where food itself is the heart. A kitchen remodeling project is an exciting occasion, not only because a great looking kitchen adds so much to the overall feel of a home, but because a kitchen remodeling project often involves upgrades of everything from countertops to appliances, and these improvements always make life easier in the kitchen for everyone. Whether it’s the simple act of getting a glass of water or the arduous task of making a large meal for a special occasion, kitchen remodels always make things better.

One trend in kitchen remodeling is quartz counters. We at Legacy Granite Countertops, Inc. would like to tell you a little bit about these marvelous countertops and why they are a great option for your kitchen remodeling project.

Quartz is Easier

For those who prefer to spend more time cooking in the kitchen than cleaning it, a quartz countertop is a great option because quartz counters do not require sealing or polishing. Quartz counters are also heat- and scratch-resistant. Other than wiping them off, they require relatively little maintenance.

Quartz Durability

Quartz counter tops are made of crushed quartz along with resins and pigments. Quartz is one of the hardest mineral on earth. This fact makes them a great choice for a kitchen because quartz countertops are highly durable.

The Quartz Look

Granite countertops are quite attractive, but some homeowners prefer the more uniform look of quartz. Because quartz is made-made, its color and pattern is more uniform than granite. This greater uniformity is often more pleasing to those that prefer a higher degree of symmetry and the clean look it offers. Also, depending upon how coarsely the quartz material is crushed, these countertops can be produced in a variety of colors. Combine your favorite shade of counter top with the sleekness of quartz and you’ve got a counter top of which you can be proud!

A Natural Look with Quartz Durability

As mentioned, quartz counters have the advantage of a clean, sleek, uniform look, but not everyone likes that type of look. What if you want the durability and easier maintenance of quartz, but the look of a more natural countertop? Great news, you can have that too! Quartz countertop manufacturers, using the variety of colors and hues available for quartz, can process a quartz countertop that looks like the more natural granite and other counter tops many homeowners prefer.

Pick Your Quartz

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen counter, everyone has their own tastes, cooking and cleaning needs, and, of course, budgetary requirements. At Legacy Granite Countertops, we can set you up with a beautiful quartz countertop that will match your kitchen needs and desires. Today’s kitchens are better than ever! They are more functional, more attractive and stylish, and easier and more durable. The quartz countertop is a very significant reason why.