Making Your Kitchen Look Luxurious with Blue Bahia Granite

Blue graniteAcross the county, decorators and remodeling designers are talking about one thing: Blue Bahia. With blue making a comeback this year in the home design industry this granite is quickly becoming the most sought-after material for kitchen and bathroom countertops in Marietta, GA. What is Blue Bahia and how can you use it in your home? Keep reading to find out more about this one-of-a-kind granite. 

What Is Blue Bahia?

This unique stone comes from Brazil, specifically the Bahia state region in eastern Brazil. The myriad of blue, white, and beige colors comes from a combination of various minerals including feldspar, feldspathoid, epidote, and sodalite. Sodalite is a semiprecious gemstone that puts the blue in Blue Bahia alongside white, gold, beige, and brown accents. As a member of the granite family, Blue Bahia is one of the most durable stones on the planet. Granite is resistant to heat and scratches, and the colors in Blue Bahia help mask accidental stains.   

Coordinating Cabinets

How do you coordinate cabinets with Blue Bahia? One of the reasons why Blue Bahia has become so popular in the last few years is because it goes well with white cabinets that have also seen an uptick in popularity. Blue Bahia pairs well with pure white, off-white, gray, and greige cabinets, depending on your style. Modern and minimalist designs favor pure white, but for a more versatile look consider off-white or greige colored cabinets. If you prefer the look of natural wood, Bahia Blue also goes well alongside light and medium wood grain cabinets. Blue Bahia with gold or beige veins will complement warm wood grains as well as brown and black cabinets. 

Secondary Colors

Countertop samplesWhen it comes to wall and floor colors, Blue Bahia will go with a variety of design styles. For a modern or minimalists kitchen or bathroom, gray and blue-gray walls will go well with this granite color and allow it to take center stage in your room. In a contemporary or Mediterranean-style kitchen, greige, beige, or light brown will offset the bold blue in this granite surface while complementing the gold and beige flecks. If you’re unsure about your kitchen backsplash, some homeowners have used a Blue Bahia slab or tile on their walls as well as on their counters. Since this granite boasts such bold colors and vibrant veins, consider muted floors and simplistic tile that will let the Blue Bahia shine.     

Faucets and Fixtures

When picking out faucets and fixtures, consider the variety of colors in your particular cut of Blue Bahia. If your cut has veins of gold, highlight these unique variations with brass or bronze fixtures. Depending on your selection of cabinetry, copper washbasins will go well with Blue Bahia, especially when combined with warm wood cabinets. Shaded light fixtures made of glass, fabric, or wood accents also complement contemporary and Mediterranean-style kitchens.  

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with new countertops, Blue Bahia is the perfect color that’s sure to impress at your next get-together. Check out Blue Bahia and more options for granite countertops in Marietta, GA, at Legacy Granite Countertops.