A Guide to Choosing the Right Material for Bathroom Countertops

Granite BathroomCountertops add more value to your bathrooms in terms of style and functionality. Bathroom counters often bear the brunt of various stains. Daily exposure to moisture and humid air results in growth of mold and bacteria on countertop surfaces. Choosing the right material for bathroom counters prevents these issues, and makes them last longer. A specialty countertop company can help you source the best countertop materials in Sandy Springs.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and want to install new countertops, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Keep reading to discover the top materials for bathroom countertops that’ll give you a great return on your investment while adding elegance to your space.


Granite is the top material for both kitchen and bathroom counters. This natural stone has a hardness index close to diamond, making it an extremely hard and durable option. Most homeowners love granite for the exquisite beauty and grandeur it brings to any space. Granite is stain and water resistant, making it an ideal bathroom counter material. Applying a sealant to your granite surface ensures that it stays nonporous and resistant to moisture and stains. Easy to clean and maintain, granite countertops are perfect for busy families with little time to wipe and clean daily.


Quartz is an engineered material, composed of almost 95% natural stone mixed with resins, polymers, and binders. Quartz is becoming an increasingly popular choice as a countertop material. If you’re looking for a high quality material that’s completely nonporous and resistant to water and stains, quartz must be among your top choices. Quartz can better handle the humidity of bathrooms, preventing growth of bacteria and mold on counter surfaces. Easy to clean, quartz doesn’t require a top sealant, making it a low-maintenance material. Quartz comes in a variety of designs and hues, and is ideal for homeowners looking for a high degree of customization.


MarbleMarble surfaces come in varied colors and designs, and are resistant to stains and scratches. Marble bathroom countertops are great for creating an elegant ambiance in the room.


Looking for a more low-maintenance option? Go for quartzite. Quartzite is not the same as quartz. Quartzite is more durable than granite. However, it is more likely to show knicks, scratches, and dents than quartz. Quartzite requires sealing once or twice a year to prevent staining.

Countertops play an important role in shaping bathroom décor. The right bathroom countertop material will improve the functionality of your vanity. With so many countertop materials to choose from, it sure is a tough task deciding what’s right for you! Visit or call us at Legacy Granite Countertops to learn how we can help you find the best countertop material that’s right for your bathroom.