Trendy Dark Granite Countertops to Look for in 2019

If you’re building a new home or remodeling your kitchen, countertops are an important design aspect to consider. Besides serving an important aesthetic and functional purpose, kitchen countertops can add more value to your home if you choose the right material. Granite is widely considered the top material for kitchen countertops in modern homes. More homeowners want to make this exquisite looking natural stone part of their kitchen décor, and interior designers are incorporating vivid and dark-hued granite to create beautifully designed kitchens. Dark granite is a top design trend of 2019, and is being used to style modern, contemporary kitchens. If you’re contemplating remodeling your kitchen or designing a new one, the granite countertops contractors in Johns Creek, GA, at Legacy Granite Countertops, explains the latest trends in dark granite.

Black Granite for Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary and modern kitchens aim to create a stark look while maintaining a high degree of style and sophistication. Dark-colored granite in black or charcoal gray provides the perfect canvas to create a modern, luxe kitchen. Modern kitchens are characterized by clean countertop design styles with not much detailing. Black granite has the right amount of style and sparkled specks to complement a contemporary kitchen. If you’re opting for black granite, ensure that there’s enough light in your kitchen, or else the space may end up looking small and cluttered. Black granite with very little veining provides the perfectly glamorous look that complements the otherwise simplistic contemporary kitchen decor.

Contrasting Countertop and Cabinets

Creating a striking contrast between your kitchen cabinets and countertops is a trending design style that makes kitchens look modern and elegant. Pair your dark countertops in shades of black, emerald, or gray with cabinets in neutral tones. Dark-hued granite with veining and intricate swirling is being utilized by designers since these countertops add more beauty and grandeur to kitchens. A contrasting palette is an ideal way to feature dark-hued granite in shades of gray with swirls of a deep blue. This unique combination of gray with blue swirls will make your countertops look exclusive and trendy, while highlighting the elegance of neutral cabinets.

Dark Color Palette

For a more dramatic and ultraglamorous look, pair dark granite with dark flooring and cabinets. This stark look is for homeowners that love to create something unique compared to more traditional kitchen designs. If you’re opting for a dark palette for your kitchen, it’s best to include charcoal gray granite to soften the décor. Charcoal or gray granite with swirls of beige and white will bring elegance to this dramatic design. Stainless-steel appliances and cabinets in deep color tones of black, navy, coffee, and mahogany pair perfectly to create a beautiful dark-on-dark color scheme. This trendy design scheme can be accentuated with pops of color, such as an orange or red vase or colorful blooms set in a glass vase.

Granite countertop trends are moving towards bold and dramatic styles in 2019. Homeowners want to add glamour and style to their kitchen designs by opting for dark-hued granite countertops. Visit or call us at Legacy Granite Countertops to buy exclusive countertop material to enhance your kitchen design and for granite countertop installation in Johns Creek, GA.

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