Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing Granite Countertops

https://legacycountertops.com/roswell/Shopping for new granite countertops can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure about your options. Avoid the top 4 most common mistakes by checking out this guide from Legacy Granite Countertops. 

Drop-In vs. Undermount Sinks

When it comes to selecting a kitchen sink, you have two mounting styles: drop-in and undermount. Drop-in sinks are inexpensive but effective. They’re more common in homes with laminate countertops because they are cost-effective. When you upgrade your kitchen with granite or natural stone surfaces, however, the drop-in sink might take away from the natural beauty of your new countertops. This is why stone experts suggest pairing your stone countertops with an undermount kitchen sink instead of the traditional top-mounted variety. Aesthetically speaking, the undermount kitchen gives your countertop surfaces a seamless look. They also come in a variety of metals and styles like iron, copper, granite composite, and porcelain. Countertops can be customized with a drain slope that allows water and debris to slide down into the sink for easier cleanup.   

Countertop Thickness

Countertop thickness has become a new focus thanks to the modern minimalist movement in kitchen design. This trend introduced the concept of thicker countertops, sometimes up to 4 inches thick. While it does create a dramatic look, be careful when buying stone surfaces larger than 2 inches. The most common sizes for granite countertops are three-quarters and one and a quarter inches. Anything larger and some manufacturers will simply glue two slabs together. Custom solid slabs are available in larger sizes, but you will pay more for custom sizes.   

Color vs. Quality

Another common mistake that first-time granite shoppers make is prioritizing the color of their countertops over the quality of the stone. Yes, matching the color of the surface to your existing kitchen features is important, but be careful that you don’t accidentally sacrifice quality for aesthetics. Right now, white is one of the most popular choices for stone countertops in the industry. However, white requires more care and caution because it stains more easily compared to other colors. Dark colors like black and brown hide stains and spills, thus reducing the need for maintenance and stain-removal treatments. A single incident with a glass of red wine could ruin your white stone surfaces. Stains are tough to remove without professional sanding and stain removal.  

Edging Choices

White Counters with StovetopWhen it comes to choosing an edge profile, indecisiveness is understandable. You want an edge that matches your current kitchen, but you also want an edge that is versatile enough to adapt with future style changes and kitchen upgrades. However, not selecting a profile before installation is ill-advised. Once the countertops are installed, it’s impossible to change the profile without removing the stone and shipping them back to the manufacturer. Be sure of your profile choice before you finalize your installation order.  

For help picking out the right discount granite countertops in Duluth, GA, check out your local showroom and consult the stone experts at Legacy Granite Countertops.