Ways to Keep Your White Quartz Countertops Shining Forever

White Quartz with FlowersQuartz is gaining popularity among homeowners as a high-quality and durable countertop material. Quartz is an engineered material made of 95-97% natural stone mixed together with binders, resins, and polymers. The manufacturing process of quartz makes it a durable material, which is highly resistant to moisture and kitchen spills. Quartz is available in several shades and designs, and looks similar to natural stone materials such as marble and granite. White quartz is a trending material for kitchen countertops that pairs well with contemporary looking kitchen décor. 

White quartz countertops come in several patterns and textures that make your kitchen look bright, modern, and luxurious. However, most people are wary of using white quartz for their kitchen countertops, fearing that they may stain easily or are difficult to maintain. Good news: quartz, being an engineered material, has excellent stain and moisture resistant properties, and white quartz countertops are easy to keep looking glamorous. Read on to find out how you can keep your white quartz countertops shiny and beautiful for a long time.

Daily Maintenance

White quartz requires exactly the same cleaning methods as any other quartz material. Quartz doesn’t allow water and spills to penetrate its surface, ensuring that your countertops remain germ and odor-free. The non-porous property of quartz makes it easy to clean. You need only a mild dish washing soap and a damp sponge or soft dishcloth to quickly wipe down your countertop. Rinse and dry with a clean dishcloth to make your countertops look sparkly clean in no time.

Tougher Spills

To get rid of dried gunk on your quartz countertops, wet the dried spill until it loosens up a bit, and use a soft cloth to wipe it clean. To tackle tough stains, it’s recommended that you use a cleaner specially formulated for quartz surfaces. This will remove stubborn stains without damaging your white quartz.

Cautious Cleaning

Never use abrasive scrub-pads or harsh chemicals to clean your quartz countertops, as they may wear off the shine from white quartz surfaces. Acidic cleaning agents such as vinegar can etch white quartz surfaces, and must be avoided.

Hold Off on the Heat

CoffeeQuartz is an incredibly strong material, but you’ll need to be careful not to place hot pans and pots directly on the surface. While other materials may be able to withstand that type of intense heat, white quartz cannot. The slightest heat damage will show up on white quartz, but there are ways to prevent this. Always use rivets or mats below hot pans, dishes, crock pots, etc. before placing them on the countertop. Placing coasters under drinks will prevent cup stains, particularly if the beverages contain citrus juice or alcohol that could deteriorate the quartz.

It’s also wise to avoid chopping and cutting directly on quartz, as this can chip or etch the quartz surface. Be careful not to drop heavy objects on your countertops to prevent them from cracking or breaking.

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