Matte vs Glossy Bathroom Countertops: What to Choose?

When choosing the perfect countertop material for your bathroom, you’ll need to think over your practical needs and your décor requirements. Countertop materials come in various hues and designs such as solid-colored, patterned, muted tones, or vibrant hues. They can be smooth, shiny, and pleasing to the eye. An expert contractor will be able to guide you through the wide variety of countertop materials, helping you pick the best material, color, and surface finish to make your bathroom look like a dream! 

Apart from the type and color of the material you’re choosing for your countertops, another prime consideration is the surface finish. The countertop finish impacts the way it looks, feels, and performs. The natural stone’s brightness largely depends on its surface polish, making it an important parameter determining how your countertop will look. If you’re confused about what type of finish you want for your bathroom countertop, read on to find out specifics about gloss and matte finishes. This article also outlines the advantages and design styles for each so that you can make an informed decision about your bathroom décor.

Glossy Surface Finish

Do you love all things sleek, shiny, and glamorous? If so, glossy bathroom countertops will complement your design taste. High-shine countertops give your bathroom a contemporary and glitzy finish, which is ideal for larger bathrooms. You’ll be in awe of the brightness and dazzle it brings to your bathroom decor while keeping the overall ambiance warm and welcoming.

High-gloss finishes work well on popular materials such as marble, granite, and quartz. Glossy countertops look stunning in darker hues of stone like black, coffee brown, navy blue, and more. Natural stone with glittery speckles will add more sparkle and shine to this gorgeous surface. These surfaces pair well with solid colored bathroom cabinets, allowing the dazzling effect of this beautiful finish to take center-stage. Glossy bathroom countertops conceal stains and are easy to clean and maintain.

Matte Finish

Matte finish is a very trendy and bold choice. If you’re inspired by this cool look, opt for a matte polished bathroom counter surface. Interior decorators are loving this finish for stylish bathroom designs. Matte finish countertops give your bathroom a contemporary and subtle touch, an ideal look when paired with textured or vivid bathroom tiles. Does your bathroom include charming hardware and faucets in metallic accents of gold or copper? If so, matte countertops serve as the ideal backdrop to show off your vintage bathroom decor. Matte countertops conceal stains well and are ideal for busy families that have little time to clean counters daily. The low-maintenance aspect of the matte finish will make you love it even more! If contemporary aesthetics and subtle sophistication is your style standard, matte bathroom counters are the choice for you.

Both matte and glossy finishes have their own pros and cons, and the decision to go with either depends largely on the type of bathroom design you have in mind. Call or visit us at Legacy Granite Countertops to shop for high-quality, matte, and glossy countertops materials. We specialize in bathroom design in Johns Creek, GA,and we’ll have just the type of countertop you’re envisioning.