White Cabinets and Your Countertop Color

White Kitchen CabinetsEvery homeowner wants their kitchen to look phenomenal. If you already have cabinets that you love, the next step is finding countertops to match. But what goes well with white cabinets? The number of options that you have available may surprise you.

Theme and Tone

Before you start narrowing down a specific color, you should think about the general theme or tone that you have in mind for your kitchen. Do you want something clean and polished? If not, you may prefer something more modern. Rich, dark colors could work well with your white cabinets. There are a number of absolutely stunning kitchens that have embraced a black and white color scheme.

If you’d rather go with a rustic or ranch-inspired theme, you may need earth tones. Greens and tans could work remarkably well, especially if you’re going to be pairing your kitchen with real-wood furnishings. Ultimately, you have a variety of choices that can make a fantastic kitchen, but you have to settle on a particular theme or concept before moving forward. Once you have a plan in mind, it’s time to get started on transforming your kitchen.

Dark and Elegant

Darker colors create a stylish contrast with white cabinets. If you have a lot of stainless steel in your kitchen, darker colors can be wonderful. Black and white is perhaps the most obvious choice, but you may be happier with something more colorful. A deep, rich blue can work very well. The right selection of granite or other stone will offer veins, patterns, and genuine character that delivers an intricacy and complexity to your countertops. A darker gray is also a smart choice.

Bright and Neutral

If you’re careful with how you pair them, white quartzite countertops in Duluth, GA, can create a kitchen that’s clean and crisp. Cream tones and neutral colors ensure that your kitchen appears bright, cheery, and inviting. If you frequently have guests over and want to have a welcoming kitchen that’s airy, you really can’t go wrong with yellows or creams. They’re warm and welcoming. If you prefer something a little cooler, you could choose light grays or various shades of white. In between, you always have the option to go with beige or a very-light tan. What will work best depends on your overall plans for the design and what meshes with your personal style.