Ways to Clean Granite Countertops

Luxury kitchen with tile floor and stained cabinetsGranite countertops are amazing for kitchens. Many people love granite countertops because of their appearance, and they certainly are gorgeous. The natural stone gives them a unique beauty that’s basically impossible to duplicate. However, over the long term, most homeowners will come to appreciate their ruggedness and ease of upkeep more than anything else. Part of that upkeep will be cleaning your granite countertops, which is easier to do than you may have thought.

First Things First

The first step for cleaning your granite countertops will always be the same. You’ll need to make sure that any dishes, pots, pans, or utensils are out of the way. Once you have the area cleared off, you can wipe it down with a damp paper towel or washcloth. This will help to remove any crumbs or other debris that was left on the countertops. Once the space is free of food and dishes, you can start the real cleaning.

Always Use

Sealed granite countertops allow water to bead rather than soak into the stone. That’s great for cleaning, since it means you can easily use warm water and detergent to take care of most messes or spills. Mix the warm water and detergent together, and you can then clean your countertops with a simple washcloth or microfiber cloth. For daily maintenance, this is probably the easiest approach.

If you want to combine a bit of disinfectant into the mix, you can add rubbing alcohol into the water as well. Rubbing alcohol is a great choice, because it delivers both antiseptic and cleaning properties. It’s also the same pH as the water. You should avoid adding too much alcohol because it is a solvent and too much of it can break down seals. You don’t want to remove the sealant as you clean.

Be Sure to Avoid

You should make sure to avoid vinegar, ammonia, or anything with lemon. Citrus-based cleansers are too acidic to be used on granite, and the same goes for vinegar and ammonia. You should never use any acidic formulas since they tend to eat away at the granite’s surface. With a little bit of care and attention, your granite countertops in Roswell can remain beautiful for many years to come. Be sure to reseal them as needed, and they’ll stay both gorgeous and strong.

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