Reasons Why You Should Use Heat Resistant Countertops

Kitchen interior with wooden cabinets and granite counter topEvery homeowner loves and appreciates clean, beautiful, and well-kept countertops. Unfortunately, they don’t always stay that way. While wooden slabs can make for lovely looking countertops, they’re unlikely to retain their like-new appearance for very long. Stains, discoloration, and burn marks are all too common with wood, and they’re very difficult to prevent.

Heat-resistant countertops can avoid many of those issues. Granite and marble are both naturally heat-resistant materials. They’ll tend to last much longer and stay looking great for many years to come. When you’re planning to install granite countertops in Alpharetta, it’s a good idea to remember what they bring to the table.


Being a natural stone, granite is always unique. Every slab will have slightly different colors, patterns, shapes, and flecks. Even slabs of granite that are cut directly from the same quarry will have noticeable variations in their appearances. This makes granite an excellent choice if you want something that’s truly a one-of-a-kind item. As an added bonus, granite comes in a wide variety of colors. This makes granite a great material regardless of the color scheme that you’re planning for your kitchen.


Being heat resistant, granite is obviously a great option for your kitchen countertops. A well-sealed granite countertop is also virtually impervious to bacteria. Although no material is indestructible, granite does hold up well under weight, so your granite countertops will be able to handle pots, pans, and even kids prone to climbing quite reliably. Because granite doesn’t tend to stain or discolor significantly, you’ll have virtually the same countertops that were installed even years later.


Cleaning is simply a part of life, and your countertops are no exception. Luckily, granite is relatively easy to maintain. While some materials require specialized cleaners, you don’t have to worry about that with granite. You can simply use detergent and hot water for most spills or messes. Unlike wood, you’re not going to find burn marks or chips and dings on your granite, so daily cleanup is a snap. You shouldn’t have to worry about stains if you get to them fairly quickly. Your granite countertops in Alpharetta are going to be about as close to worry free as you’re likely to find.

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