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kitchen with island 2The kitchen is often the first room in the home to be considered for remodeling, but finding fun and inventive approaches can sometimes be a bit challenging. Luckily, there’s plenty of inspiration available! Check out these unique kitchen-remodeling ideas so you can discover something fantastic to help you reinvigorate your home.

Go Dutch

Even if you don’t have Dutch heritage, you can borrow some fantastic ideas from a traditional kitchen in Holland. If you have a fireplace available, you can use tiles and columns to give it a very distinct appearance. If you don’t have a fireplace in your kitchen to revamp, you can still use double-door cupboards and a bronze chandelier to give your kitchen a Dutch touch, while keeping it quaint and practical. Remember that gray-painted floors are traditional in Holland, and you can easily incorporate that into the decor. If you want to go for bonus points, you could add an armchair.

Embrace the Nautical

You don’t have to fare the seven seas in order to adopt some nautical elements into your remodeled kitchen. A crown ceiling that’s painted white and matched with harbor lights will cast a glow, which gives a strong maritime impression without having to completely redesign the space. Simpler details like stainless-steel tubing and flush-lift rings for your cabinet handles will give it the look and feel of a galley, but without the need to overhaul your kitchen from the ground up. If you want to go the extra mile, you could use L-strap hinges on your cabinets for a fully-committed appearance. Of course, you shouldn’t forget the flooring. Oak planks make for great kitchen floors that really suit a nautical theme.

Experiment with the Industrial

An industrial approach is all about merging steel and wood into a blended-yet-contrasted build. Reclaimed wood for shelves and beams will give your kitchen a worn or somewhat used effect, while still adhering to the right motif. You can use raw steel on the brackets and hoods, which will provide the harshness and cleanliness of the metal, while sharply contrasting with the warmth and naturalness of the wood. You could then incorporate quartz kitchen countertops in Duluth, so that you have the natural impression of stone, but with the man-made construction of the quartz itself.

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