Why Marble Is a Good Option for Countertops

Looking for a new kitchen design can leave you with more questions than answers. When it comes to deciding which countertop to get, it’s important that you know all of the advantages and disadvantages of each option. The easiest way to leave yourself with a decision that you will regret is by making that decision without any prior knowledge. Doing a little bit of reading about why marble countertops in Cumming are a good option for you will help you feel more comfortable with your decision. Marble countertops offer you a handful of benefits that you can’t achieve through any other material.


Marble countertops offer a beauty that you can’t get anywhere else. They possess an elegant appearance that will last you throughout the years. Most people decide to install marble countertops in their home simply for the natural beauty of the stone.

Natural and Easy

Marble is a naturally occurring substance. Due to this, you are able to find them in slabs. Slabs are not always easy to piece together, but different countertop businesses will be more than happy to help you piece together your perfect kitchen. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to track down the perfect slab of quartz or granite for your kitchen. On the other hand, marble is extremely accessible and easy to find. Most stone yards or fabricators will have tons of marble on their hands waiting for you to come and snatch it up. The ability to find marble easily means that there is much less wait time for you. Finding the perfect countertop slab can take long enough. Then you have to factor the whole installation process into the equation. Some people have to go to multiple locations just to find the right slabs of granite, then hire a completely different company to come install it. In most cases, you are able to call and have the marble slabs delivered the same day that you get them installed.

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Naturally Cool and Heat Resistant

If you are an avid baker, you might be looking for a countertop that naturally stays cool. Spending hours over your hot oven all day can make your kitchen pretty hot as well. Marble countertops will stay naturally cool throughout your day, regardless of how long your oven is on. Marble is not generally a big heat conductor. Marble countertops are also heat resistant. Heat resistance is one of the handiest features that you can have in your kitchen. When you have laminate countertops, simply sitting a hot dish from out of the microwave onto your counter can actually melt the laminate right off. When it comes to marble, you don’t have to worry about ever melting or damaging your countertops. While marble is heat resistant, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should take a dish out of the oven and set it directly on your countertops. That isn’t exactly good for any material.


Marble is a naturally soft stone, but it is surprisingly durable. If can withstand quite a bit of pressure. It is a porous material, so there is no guarantee that it won’t ever become bruised or scratched. Since marble is a porous material, it is susceptible to stains. You always want to be careful and make sure that you clean up any spills immediately.

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