Advantages of Selecting Granite Countertops for a Kitchen

If you’re thinking of doing some kitchen remodeling and are considering a granite kitchen countertop in Cumming, then be comforted in knowing that they are still one of the most popular choices for kitchens for a number of reasons, such as durability, beauty, affordability, and maintenance. In fact, the plethora of granite colors for a kitchen is one of the stone’s more appealing qualities. Let’s look briefly at a couple of the advantages of granite.


Possibly more than any other factor that draws people to choose granite is its durability compared to other countertops. Granite is second only to diamond in terms of hardness based on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. As long as your countertop is properly installed, it will probably be the only one that you will ever need, unless you tire of its looks. Granite provides great resistance to cracking, chipping, and scratching, as well as providing remarkable heat resistance. However, should your granite somehow crack or chip, it’s relatively inexpensive to fix. While it isn’t recommended to place a hot cooking pan directly on the countertop, granite can stand up to the occasional lapse of a family member.

Since granite has such a great industry reputation for durability, it serves to increase a home’s value when the time comes to sell, with a typical return on your investment as high as 100%—potentially increasing your home’s market value dollar for dollar in the amount that you spent on it. It’s not unheard of that, all things being equal, a buyer will select a home with granite countertops over one without. Of course, if you never sell, your countertop will be a great long-term Investment, lasting as long as 30 years or more—twice as long as other popular countertops such as quartz or soapstone and thus making granite very affordable.


For most people, the sheer beauty and gorgeous appearance of granite is the one and only reason for choosing this stone for their countertop—far and away more important than all its other qualities. The subtle hues, textures, and unsurpassed aesthetics give granite its natural appeal, unmatched by few other countertop materials. Your kitchen can literally be transformed by just this one addition with its timeless appeal. It often becomes the centerpiece for any kitchen, taking even a high-quality kitchen to another level of visual attractiveness.

Since granite is made up of a number of crystals, the color of the stone can vary considerably, depending on which crystal makes up most of a given piece of granite. Common colors cover a wide range, including white, black, gray, orange, pink, and occasionally some greens, blues, and browns. In all, there are more than 20 shades of granite available, which means you will have no problem finding a color that blends just right with your kitchen flooring, cabinets, and walls—though, if you’re remodeling, you should always choose your countertop first and match the rest of the kitchen to it.

Why are there so many colors and shades available? The reason is the variety and mix of the underlying crystals that make up the stone and give granite its unique colors and visual qualities. These crystals include quartz, the most common found in the stone; feldspar, the second most common and that which gives granite its color; mica, which gives granite its hues of violet, pink, silver, black, and brown; and hornblende and biotite, which give granite its salt and pepper look. With all these combinations, it’s easy to see that granite can fit in with just about any kitchen design.

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  1. It’s interesting that granite countertops are resistant to cracking and scratching as well as having natural appeal. My wife and I want to replace our countertop as part of our kitchen renovations this summer and we can’t decide on the kind of granite to get for it. I’ll be sure to keep researching different colors of granite that will look the best in our new kitchen.

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