20 Kitchen Counter Designs for Your Next Remodeling Project

When it comes to designing your kitchen, you want everything to be perfect. There are so many different wonderful kitchen counter designs in Cumming that there is a lot on your plate to consider. With different materials being on the rise around every corner, you need to figure out exactly what will be right for you, your style, and your home. Once you have come to this conclusion, you can start making the final plans and preparations. Until you reach that point, you’ve got some research to do!

  • The blue-gray look is a popular trend that is provided by Silestone countertops. You are able to have a cool color for your countertops, and adding brass trim will really add that pop and shine that you may be looking for.
  • Glass-topped counters and islands offer an elegant look that you might not think about. You’ll get a shiny appearance and a classy countertop.
  • Modern wood is a simple countertop option that speaks for itself. Getting wood on your counters really makes your home have that warm, homey feel that everyone is searching for. Iroko wood is a popular choice that makes your home look rustic and modern at the same time. There are some granite materials that offer a eucalyptus option.
  • Get a different material on your island counter than your traditional countertops. Even if you only switch the slab of stone, it adds a nice mix and match look to your kitchen.
  • Put your sink on the countertop that your island provides. Most kitchens have the sink located on the traditional countertops against the wall. Putting your sink on the island creates a trendy and functional look.
  • Zinc countertops offer a hassle free option that makes your cleanup process much easier than before.
  • Put an iron edge around your counters. It can add some sparkle and shine to your kitchen in all the places you wouldn’t expect.
  • Silestone countertops are stain free. Install Silestone and you will never have to worry about making a mess ever again. Silestone offers the look of marble for a fraction of the cost.
  • Get black countertops with a quartzite island. Quartzite looks very similar to Caesarstone but doesn’t cost quite as much.
  • A mahogany wood island will add a perfect amount of contrast to your kitchen. You are able to decide which countertop material looks best when you compare it to a piece of mahogany, but quartz is a popular choice.
  • Marble is always a wonderful choice for countertops. The material is not only heat-resistant, but naturally cool as well. It is perfect for a frequent baker.
  • A black granite island with a leathered finish of pale wood offers a durable surface with style.
  • Weathered wood will provide your kitchen with a rustic barn look that no one else has. If you have a very cottage-feeling home, weathered wood is perfect for your kitchen.
  • Farmhouse sinks are a great addition to your current or new countertop. They show class and functionality in a warm, homey feeling.
  • Using raw wood for your cabinets and countertops will provide your guests with an immediate focal piece.
  • You can find local stone from a stone yard that is cheap and durable.
  • Natural granite stones are a classic and timeless look for any kitchen.
  • Gold marble gives your home glamour that you can’t achieve through any other stone.
  • Having stained oak countertops with white cabinets provides your kitchen with the perfect contrast.
  • Polished concrete might sound simple, but it provides an exquisite look that will leave your guests wondering what material it really is.

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