Kitchen Counter Design Tips for Fall

The kitchen is the heart of most homes, so it’s no surprise it’s one of the primary areas of focus when homeowners update and remodel.  Are you considering a kitchen remodel?  If so, then here are some tips to keep in mind:


Professional project managers will tell you that good planning takes a lot of time and thought, but good planning is essential to kitchen counter design. Tempting though it may be to choose a countertop based on looks, it’s important to consider a material’s durability, maintenance and cost.

To start effective planning, you have to think about the way you live. Do you entertain often and serve red wine?  Do you often have multiple people cooking in the kitchen at the same time?  Do you have kids fixing their own snacks?  It’s important that you understand your kitchen work habits before you choose countertop material or decide on design.

Planning can minimize the disruption remodeling causes and help assure you’re satisfied with the finished product. Choose your materials and fixtures before work starts to lessen the chance of delays due to back orders. Once work begins, changes can have a significant impact on both costs and time.  FYI: it’s seldom cheaper and faster if you don’t make changes once work has started! A kitchen remodeling contractor in Duluth can help you plan.

Be Quality-Conscious

Functionality and durability are important considerations. You’ll want to look for products that have low maintenance and good warranties. Some countertop materials may cost a little more, but with proper care, they’ll look great for a very long time.

Choose a Color Palette

Color choices and finishes are based on personal preference.  Both granite colors and finishes for kitchens in Duluth come in a wide variety. You won’t have any problem finding a selection that will be beautiful in your kitchen. No two pieces of the stone are exactly the same. A polished finish results in a shiny look and can darken the appearance of the stone, while honing creates a matte surface. Costs for granite depend on many variables, including color, finish and origin of the stone.

Choose your Contractor Carefully

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a kitchen remodeling contractor in Duluth. Ask relatives, friends and neighbors who they recommend. Ask how the contractor handled problems and find out what makes working with this contractor a positive experience.  Be sure to find out if they would use that contractor again.

Once you have a good list of names, find out if the contractors hold all the required state and municipal licenses.  Now decide who you want to talk to and set up meetings. When you’ve identified someone you’re interested in working with, ask to see samples of their work. If you like it, request references. Once you’ve chosen a contractor, make sure you get everything you’ve agreed to in writing.

Communicate with Your Remodelers

It is critical that you communicate with your construction team. Develop a system, such as a message board, where you can leave and receive messages. Make sure you have good contact information for your project manager, team lead and subs.  In return, provide your email address and cell phone number in case they need to reach you.

Do you have rules about smoking, music, noise levels, available bathrooms, or parking?  Be sure you communicate them clearly ahead of time.

If you drop by during work hours, it’s fine to ask questions, but resist distracting crew members with extended conversation.  Offer water, coffee, soda or a light snack item–a little hospitality can go a long way. Give praise when warranted.

Following these few tips can go a long way to making your experience a good one.

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