10 Classic Ideas for Kitchen Counter Designs That Always Work

In order to talk about kitchen counter designs, you also need to consider the cabinets, backsplash, appliances, and other elements of the kitchen. With that in mind, here are 10 classic ideas to make over your kitchen in a stylish but classic way.

Absolute Black with White

If you like a stark black and white look, consider doing absolute black granite countertops in your Sandy Springs home, plus a contrasting white paint on the cabinets and walls. The abundance of white plus the monochromatic color scheme will make your kitchen feel large and airy. Plus, the black countertops conceal spills really well!

White on White

You can still create the airy, spacious feel without the contrast of the black, if that’s not your style. There are plenty of white countertops to choose from, whether you prefer granite, marble, or quartz. There is even solid white versus slightly marbled or textured whites, which will add a little dimension to your kitchen.

White on Natural

Another perfect pairing is white countertops with a natural wood color and texture on the cabinets. You can choose colors ranging from a light, country-style wood to a darker, richer, ebony-colored wood. It all depends on the personal style you prefer for your kitchen and what will complement your home interior design.

Brown, Taupe, and Tan

You can find a variety of brown shades of granite and quartz countertops in the Sandy Springs area. Colors range from warm browns to cool taupe and richly speckled granite textures to abstract swirls of marble.

When selecting colors, it’s perfectly acceptable to choose your countertops first, as this is the crowning element of the kitchen. Then select your cabinets and wall paint colors to match and complement.

Countertops with Center Island

A classic kitchen counter design in Sandy Springs includes having an island in the center of the kitchen with countertops along the bordering walls. Most designers recommend leaving 1 out of the 4 walls open to create movement from the kitchen to other rooms of the house. This gives you space to move in the kitchen while having a center focal point for food prep work.

Long Kitchen Island

Depending on the space available in your kitchen, you may wish to make your kitchen island longer, nearly the length of a parallel kitchen wall. This is a great option if you have a smaller kitchen where having an island right in the middle will use up too much space. Having a longer island on one side of the kitchen will give you lots of counter space while still allowing you to have an open wall into other areas of the home.

Kitchen Island with Bar

Whether or not you use your kitchen island as a primary work space, you can also use it as a bar. This is the perfect way to ensure that your kitchen is the center of your home and a place for the kids to gather for snacks and homework. Just make sure the island is the right height and has the counter overhanging on one side enough to fit bar stools underneath.

Countertop Edge Profiles

The edge of your new countertop is an important detail to give your kitchen a final touch of originality. You can choose any edge type from an “eased” edge or rounded square, a full “bull nose” like a half circle, a beveled edge, or a fancy ogee edge.

Shape of Your Sink

The sink is an important element of your kitchen countertop design. Choose your sink and countertop together to ensure the granite or marble slab is cut to the precise dimensions of the sink basin. Decide whether you want the countertop to slightly overhang the sink rather than having a “lip” of the sink over the countertop, which is one of the most popular and functional options offered.

Sink Materials

The material of the sink is also important. Many homeowners opt for stainless steel, one of the most durable and attractive options in the kitchen, especially if you prefer stainless steel appliances to match. However, granite composite is also a stylish and durable option for kitchen sinks, with more color choices.

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