Top Kitchen Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Stylish kitchen in Sandy SpringsHouse renovations, especially kitchen remodels, can breathe new life into a home. Unfortunately, not all kitchen remodels turn out quite the same way the homeowners pictured in their minds. Interior design experts say that the mistakes that prevent the success of the remodel are common ones, and could be avoided by consulting with a professional kitchen remodeling contractor.

By following a few guidelines and a realistic plan, you can avoid making the same mistakes, and your beautiful new kitchen renovation will be exactly what you hoped it would be.

Layout Debacles

All the beautiful countertop and appliance choices in the world will not remedy layout issues in the kitchen. Here are some areas to play close attention to when considering your renovation:

  • The sink, stove and refrigerator should be within 10 to 25 feet of each other, no less and no more. The location of these areas is known as the kitchen triangle, the area with the most activity in a kitchen space. There should be unobstructed access to each one, but they should still be within a reasonable distance of one another to provide a functional workspace.
  • A lack of storage means wasted space in a kitchen renovation. Plan ahead for storage for those hard-to-fit and oddly shaped kitchen appliances and gadgets. Increase the length of upper cabinets, and add shelves along the backsplash to increase storage options.
  • Counter space is prime property in a kitchen, so plan carefully and make sure the amount of counter space in your renovated kitchen will meet work demand. Add an island or a breakfast bar to increase functionality.

Bad Lighting, Dark Kitchen

Modern kitchen in Sandy SpringsA kitchen is a room that requires good light, but one of the most common kitchen renovation blunders is a lack of lighting. Not only is it a design flaw, it is a safety issue. Functional lighting is a must, but there are other lighting options that can be added to bring out the beauty of the kitchen components.

  • Overall illumination can be accomplished through chandeliers, track lights, or ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures. This is a fundamental requirement for a kitchen.
  • Task lighting is provided through recessed or tracked lighting options, and lights up designated work spaces in the kitchen. Install under cabinets to light up a countertop work space.
  • Accent lighting enhances the architectural details and nuances of the wood used for the cabinets and the veining and color inmarblequartz, or granite countertops or tile floors.

Restricted Ventilation

Range hoods are relatively inexpensive, yet they are often a forgotten part of a kitchen renovation. Going one step further and adding a higher quality ventilation system creates a healthy airflow and actually cleans the air in your home, extends the life of your appliances, and keeps your kitchen cleaner.

DIY Nightmares

Those Pinterest photos of successful do-it-yourself renovations are convincing, and the steps seem easy to follow. But take into consideration the importance of everything working together cohesively in a kitchen and be honest with yourself about your skill level. If you’ve never performed a full renovation and are set on accomplishing the work yourself, start small and work your way up. Find a designer who is experienced in kitchen remodeling in Sandy Springs and schedule a consultation to see if your plans are realistic for the renovation and the space.

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