Things to Keep in Mind During Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling in Alpharetta is typically less about adding square footage to your home and much more about making the kitchen a more functional space. With this in mind, you should ask yourself your reasons for wanting to remodel your kitchen and then proceed with caution. As you go throughout the project, keep the following things in mind about remodeling a kitchen. These tips might save you money or effort, and may also make your home a more efficient and more beautiful space to be in while inside your home.

Your Kitchen Is Probably Out of Date

In a study performed by Houzz, over 3,500 homeowners were surveyed, and the results might surprise you. For one thing, of the respondents in the survey, about 40% had last remodeled their kitchens anywhere from 16 to 30 years ago. Another 25% of the respondents had last remodeled their kitchens over 30 years ago. This means that for the most part, people are living in outdated kitchens. With the modern innovations in technology, there is no reason for you to be using a stove that old. Bring your appliances and kitchen into the current century with an upgrade. New modern appliances and materials will probably be a lot healthier for your family as well as your pocket book.

You Don’t Have to Go Over Your Budget

Of all the respondents in the aforementioned study by Houzz, the majority of them had gone over budget. You might be asking yourself how to stay within budget when working with contractors. For one thing, you should never be afraid to just come out and ask about discounts you might be eligible for. For example, if you can pay for your entire project with cash, the contractor might be willing to work with you or give you a discount. Another way to ensure you stay within your budget is to collect estimates for each piece of the work beforehand and get all the bids and pricing information in writing.

You Don’t Have to Demo a Wall to Get Bigger

One of the mistakes that many homeowners make in their kitchen remodeling is demolishing walls to make their kitchens bigger, or to pop out the back wall and extend it into the yard to give them more space. However, with simple tricks like using neutral, lighter colors, your kitchen will actually give the appearance of being larger. Also, decorating with white accessories, or incorporating mirrors into your kitchen design can help, as well as letting light shine in through your windows.

You Should Think about Resale

Some people move and then stay put, choosing to live in their houses forever. Other people like to be on the move or are forced to sell because of changes in jobs or other reasons. If you are planning on living in your house forever, then incorporating elements that contribute to great resale value might not be important to you. However, if you don’t know that you will be in the home forever, choosing materials for countertops and cabinets for example can go a long way in helping you sell. For instance, granite countertops are a highly sought after material in kitchens if you are planning on selling one day.

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