Worth the Investment: Granite Countertops

If you have looked at homes or researched renovation options in the last few years, then you have probably heard many people singing the praises of granite for countertops. Many budget-conscious homeowners looking to renovate will bypass the idea of installing granite countertops, thinking that it is going to be too expensive. On the other hand, there are many homeowners who are seeing the great investment granite countertops can be. Here are some of the main reasons that granite and countertops in Duluth go hand in hand for your next kitchen renovation.

Increase Resale Value to Your Home

When new homebuyers walk through a house, they usually spend the most amount of time in the kitchen. This is the reason why professional home builders and rehabbers state that kitchens sell houses. If your kitchen looks updated with granite countertops, you are more likely to get an offer quickly than a house that has other materials. Homebuyers are often looking for granite countertops.

Durable and Long Lasting

In addition to its high-end look and timelessness, granite countertops are also durable and long lasting. It is highly resistant to scratching as well as heat, so there are very few things you can do to it that will permanently damage your granite.

Easy to Repair and Maintain

On the off chance that you do damage your granite, there are companies out there who can repair the stone. To prevent damaging your countertops in the first place, talk to your installer when they are there putting in your new countertops about how to properly maintain your countertops to keep them in good shape. For instance, put down a hot pad before setting a hot dish out on the countertop and use cleaners that are not abrasive and don’t contain hazardous chemicals such as bleach that scratch and damage the sheen of your granite.

One of a Kind Product

One of the other things that people who own granite love it so much is because each slab is truly one of a kind. Every slab of granite you find is going to look very different from any others because it is a natural stone instead of having a manufactured pattern. You can basically choose as much or as little texture as you want and choose the colors to an extent but with granite, you are choosing a truly unique material that you will not find an exact replica anywhere else.

Great for Any Lifestyle

Unlike some other materials, granite is a material that could be right for anyone. If you cannot commit to a lot of maintenance, then a granite with more texture or a darker color might be best. If you have kids who are making messes on the countertops, then a white or lighter color might not be the way to go. There are also many different grades of granite to choose from for those homeowners on a budget.

Ultimately, granite has many more advantages than otherwise, besides the fact that it is just beautiful to look at. Talk to a variety of granite suppliers in Duluth to find out what kind of value granite can provide in your home and why it might be the right material for you.

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