Cabinet Color Options That Pair Well with Granite Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen with Granite CountersWhen it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, granite is one of the most popular surfaces for a kitchen counter top. It’s easy to see why, because granite is smooth and durable, making it an ideal selection for kitchen usage. It’s tough enough to withstand knife cuts or a meat tenderizer, and its level surface means that any food or appliance will sit perfectly on it, resulting in even and easy preparation.

It’s also a very noticeable part of your kitchen, which means that if you have a granite counter top, the colors of your kitchen need to match well with its properties, or the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen won’t be what it should. Besides being an important part of the enjoyment of your house, the kitchen is often one of the main things that buyers look at should you ever choose to sell your house. If the aesthetics aren’t right, you can expect that you’re not going to get the offer that your house actually deserves.

Your kitchen is supposed to be a pleasant and inviting place to be, which makes finding the right color scheme an important decision. Here are some ideas that can help make the kitchen as picturesque as your granite stone counter surfaces:

Ocean Colors

White granite counter tops have a color that resembles a coral reef, so ocean-style colors are an ideal choice for a house that brings up mental images of the beach. Using a blue-gray that resembles the water and either natural wood or white for the cabinets can convey the idea of relaxing by the waves, making the kitchen a fun place to spend your time. If your kitchen has a window or two that lets in a large amount of natural light, this can be a really great choice, as the light will bring out the most in the paint scheme and really let the room shine.

Light and Dark

White Kitchen with Granite CountersSometimes you need some contrast with your walls and your counter tops to break up the monotony. One great way to do this is to use a dark wood finish on the cabinets below the lighter granite counters, while keeping the top cabinets a lighter color that looks more like the counter. Too much darkness can make the room look dreary and depressing, so you want to make sure that you’ve got a good contrast with the darker wood. This is a great choice if your walls are made of a surface that won’t allow you to paint over it.

Black and White

Not all granite surfaces are of the lighter white or sand variety. Some kitchens use black granite for their counters, which looks great but requires an entirely different color scheme than a white or tan counter does. In this case, think contrast again. White and gray wouldn’t work with a lighter granite counter, but with a counter as dark as night, both colors are an excellent choice for creating the right contrast. If you’re trying to create an old time look, this is a great way to create a classic.

Having the right colors can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most out of your granite stone counter surfaces. By finding the right choices to create the atmosphere that you want, you can develop an area that is inviting and fun, making the kitchen one of your favorite rooms in your house.

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